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Do you love to fish? Or at least like the idea of fishing? Do you imagine yourself sipping your drink and sitting with friends holding the fishing rod on a cool summer day? Well then you need to get up and go fishing tomorrow morning. But uh oh! You don’t know how to fish? And above all you don’t own a boat? Does that mean you cannot fish now?

 You can! You can fish your heart out if you like and that too on a boat. But how you ask? Well, you can go charter fishing. There are a lot of places where you can hire a boat and a captain that will take you out in the waters and let you catch fish. Like you can go fishing charters lake Michigan and that too at anytime you please.

 There are a lot of fishing charters available to choose from that will take you fishing in Lake Michigan where you can catch king salmon, lake trout and brown trout among others depending on the time of the year.

 And the best part about these fishing trips on lake Michigan is that you get to actually catch fish on your own. You get on the boat, the captain will take you where the possibility of getting fish is the highest, then they even teach you how to fish and what to do and not to do. After your time is up, you get to reel in your catch as well. Then you get to the harbor and your captain or his first mate will clean the fish for you and you get to take your catch home. How cool is that?

But choosing the right boat and captain can be a difficult task. The best way is usually to pick captains is by seeing how much time they spend in the waters fishing. Because all captains are not fishermen. And if he/she is not a fisherman then they probably would not know where to get the most fish on your trip. The prices of good trips with great captains are usually high. But don’t let this dishearten you because at the end of the day you will surely go home with a lot of fish. It will be worth every penny.

 Also you can take people along with you. Be it that you take your father, brother, sister or even your 7-year old nephew or niece. All of you will have equal amount of fun. That is for sure. You could even celebrate your child’s birthday party by giving him fishing lessons with his friends. And they all get to take home fish. That’s a new kind of party right? A fun one that too.

 So don’t wait around the bush anymore. Go on a fishing trip. Get the best captain, learn how to fish and bring home the catch.

 Happy fishing!

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