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Casablanca is the city that best represents the modern nation in Morocco. It is a popular city in Morocco where businesses prosper. It is the city where individuals come to seek their fortune. Casablanca is a city where the money is being made. Despite being as famous as a financial hub in Morocco, Casablanca is not the tourist's favorite spot.

Why? There is a misconception that Casablanca does not have anything special for the tourists. In simple words, it is always in the shadow of other Moroccan cities Fez, Marrakesh, and Rabat, so they don’t want to waste their time visiting Casablanca. But this is not a complete truth.

Casablanca as the most important city of Morocco:

People from all over the world come to Morocco to explore the hidden paradise. But they don’t include Casablanca in their plans due to the rumors that there is not anything to visit. A century ago, it was a town of a few thousand people. Today, Casablanca is a famous port and an important commercial city in the region where people come to seek employment opportunities.

If you want to taste the charm of Casablanca, then watch the 1942 American romantic drama. But the film did not succeed in portraying the real city on-screen, so; you should plan a visit to Casablanca.  You do not want to spend much time in Casablanca, then at least stay overnight in the city to explore its favorite spots.

A landmark building in Casablanca:

So, after thinking a lot, you have decided to stay for a few days in Casablanca. Now you are in a dilemma from where to begin your exploration with. One place you literally can’t miss in Casablanca is the Hassan II mosque. It is the landmark building in the city that has the largest minarets in the world. Hassan II Mosque was constructed in 1993 and is opened for the worshipers and tourists as well.

You will not face any inconvenience while finding the Hassan II mosque as its largest minarets are visible even from a distance. Hassan II is the first mosque where non-Muslims are also allowed to enter on guided tours. You have to take care of the dress code before entering the mosque. You can’t wear shorts, sleeveless or revealing clothes in the mosque. Your body must be fully covered. Ladies should put a headscarf on before entering the mosque.

Hassan II mosque has a museum as well where you can learn about the building techniques, woodwork, and craftsmanship.

Central market:

The tourists who are interested in shopping must visit the central market of Casablanca, which is located in Muhammad V. It was built in the twentieth century and has four larges gates. These gates are decorated with flowers of different colors. It would be quite interesting to know that the central market of Casablanca is on the list of UNESCO’s world heritage old and beautiful monuments. 

If you are in Casablanca and want to get a taste of traditional Morocco, then visit the central market. It is considered as the main place to buy vegetables, fruits, and fish, etc.

Cathedral of Sacred Heart:

Cathedral of Sacred Heart is one of the most prominent churches remaining after the independence. The church was built according to the neo-gothic style. It was designed by the architect Paul Tornan and was built in 1930. You would be able to visit the church as it stopped services in 1956. Since then, it has become a cultural center to safeguard the history and heritage of the Christians who lived in Morocco during the French protectorate period.

Museum of Moroccan Judaism:

Casablanca is a place that is worth visiting as it has a lot of interesting spots for tourists. They can visit the museum of Moroccan Judaism, which shows Jewish life in Morocco through the years. It has four to five halls where a well-selected collection of items from the past of Jews (who lived in Morocco) is kept. The only problem is that you need to get a taxi to reach there as it is hidden in the upper-class residential neighborhood.

It is not true that Casablanca does not have anything to offer the tourists. As a matter of fact, it is a city full of history and architecture. You would be mesmerized to see the art and culture in the city. There are plenty of restaurants where you can eat international as well as traditional cuisine. You can find a place to stay in as per your budget.

Casablanca is a crowded city, so you may find it difficult to get to a place you want to visit. But when you hire a taxi, it becomes a bit easier. So, stay at least overnight in Casablanca to visit a few famous places in the city.




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