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When you consider traveling to a new country, there are a few things you require to think about beforehand. The first thing you should do is apply for a Visa. It is necessary for traveling outside of your country.

Most common types of visa include travel, work, migration, and business. The first time you to figure out which type of visa you need. Every individual country has a different process for various people when applying for a visa or if it requires a visa at all.

The following is an extensive list of general visas which can help you to plan for your next trip. Learning the difference between each will help you to get a better knowledge of the immigration sites online and determine which type of travel visa you need to apply.

Let’s get to know about each of them in detail.

Type 1 - Tourist Visa

When traveling to an exotic country, you will need a tourist visa or a visitor’s visa. They give these visas upon arrival to the airport, so it’s necessary to double check the requirements before landing.

In some countries like the USA, or Australia tourist visa must be applied online prior to entry. Thus, you may need an agent for it. For example, when traveling to Australia you will need a migration agent advice. It has validity from 30 to 90 days with no age barrier. However, a tourist visa does not allow you to work or access health care, hence, you will need international travel insurance.

Type 2 - Business Visa

Traveling for a shorter duration like 1 day - 3 weeks for a business meeting or anything organized by your company, for that a Business visa is necessary. Most often, people get it confused with the work visa, however there a huge difference between them. The business visa allows you to conduct business only on the terms of your recruitment and they are short-term visas.

Type 3 - Work visa

Unlike Business visa, the Work visa allows you to work within the country for a longer time period. It includes a duration of 12 to 24 months.

Work Visa is important when a person comes to a country to work for another company, out of its host country. Most countries require going through an application process for a work visa. So, check with the host country embassy website whether or not you need it.

Type 4 - Student Visa

Whether you have applied for a short-term course or a year-long Master’s degree, Student visa covers you for that duration of the academic course. Early application is essential for a student visa before starting your studies and proof that you are accepted by the school or university. It might allow you for part-time employment based on your course. Furthermore, there is no age limit to apply for student visa however you may need health coverage.

Type 5 - Immigration

An Immigration visa is required for anyone to get permanently settled in another country. You must aware of the term green card which is a huge part of the immigration visa. Though, the green card is difficult to get. These are hardest to receive and require piles of paperwork and fees! There is no age limitation and grants you to work for however long you want. They usually grant residency for a lifetime.

Use the above information to make sure about the specifies beforehand. Also, be sure to remember your passport which you need for crossing the border. Plus, to be safe you should always research your destination’s visa requirements in advance. It will definitely save you from a lot of hazards.

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