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I'm still reluctant to go out with a handful of Camera.

And how many times have I wished I'd brought one to catch something rare or amazing.

So today I bought one of those Card Size Camera's. Same size but 17mm thick.

Samsung ST72 has been out a year now and is going at "end of line" prices!

3" screen. 16MP. 5X Zoom. 300 shots on a battery.

So I went for a walk with it in my jeans pocket.

Results not as good as a full size camera - obviously.

But perfectly acceptable for "Family Photo's"




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That's cute!


It would almost be worth a trip to UK at that price; Walmart here is listing it as $79.99 online (and out-of-stock)!


Of course, they're also listing my new camera at the old list price that Sony already cut by $100...and they're supposed to be the low-price guys!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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