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There are several things that you require to keep ready in addition to clothes, sun & skin protection, power bank and documents you have to keep ready. Once you have selected the destination to travel overseas, then this is the checklist for your next trip to India. Read this especially if this is your first trip to India.

  1. Forex Currency Card

This is one of the most important things to carry /purchase as it is necessary for transaction in an international currency. There are multiple currency Forex cards with up to 12 different currencies. You can also use it to swipe for discounts, ATM money, and will help if you are not able to exchange India Rupee currency immediately.

International SIM

It is convenient to carry a phone number that is usable in different country. It helps instead of call forwarding/ call divert and even cuts down the super high roaming charges for international calling.

Flight Ticket/ Timings

Timings around midnight time can confuse you especially if you’re in a hurry. So, carefully check flight departure timings and keep the ticket close to a place you will remember. Booking prices go higher in the last minutes. It is always good to book in advance so that you can give time for change of mind and other things.

Maximum Luggage

Make sure the airlines you are traveling allows how much of luggage and hand held luggage. Also, get to know what things are allowed on the flight or if you are allowed to carry certain types of things.


Take all the necessary vaccinations as you do not want any unwanted virus affecting you. Before the journey research if there is an epidermic in the region and take necessary medication or vaccination. Authorities may insist and check the proof too so do not throw away the paperwork.

Documents Soft Copy

Almost everything is online now even storing documentation so make use of cloud storage/ e-drive for soft copy or even save a scanned copy of your passport, visa, flight tickets and hotel bookings in your e-mail. It comes in handy in case you lose any of them while traveling though it is rare.

Contact List

This is one of most important things to keep a list of people to call or point of contact to meet. It may be the hotel staff, friend, etc. Double check if you took down correct number/ country/ state codes and if they are operational or not. Carry a list of important contacts whom to call in case of any issues faced overseas.

 There are countless things to keep ready but these listed above are a few important things you must checklist before you Plan Asia India Trip

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