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The thread on films here started me thinking because I'm more likely to think about going someplace because of a book than a film.


I've seen elsewhere about people traveling inspired by mystery novels with really local characters like Inspector Maigret or the Swedish Millenium Trilogy, but I think that more people are probably inspired by things they remember from history books or other novels. Some I can think of are The Girl with a Pearl Earring, which made the idea of the Netherlands more intriguing, and some of Barbara Tuchman's books on European history.


What are yours?

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There are so very many great travel tales.   I am partial to non-fiction.  I enjoy reading well researched, historical accounts of the human drama that is within the scenery.

 I enjoy writing that gives a strong sense of place and context to what I see.


" The Old Patagonian Express " by Paul Theroux

" The Pillars of Hercules " by Paul Theroux


" Cut Stones and Crossroads: A Journey to Peru " by Ronald Wright

" Basin and Range " by John McPhee


" Two Years Before the Mast " by Richard Henry Dana, Jr.

" Hawaii " by James A. Michener

I enjoy a good fiction book as well as non-fiction, especially if the writer is skilled.


I really liked "Travels" by the late great Michael Crichton, my favorite of the nonfiction travel books I've read..


"Robinson Crusoe" made me want to visit tropical islands as a boy.


"Fantastic Voyage" by Isaac Asimov intrigued me with traveling at a cellular level, within a human body no less (maybe lead to my current day job?)


And my all-time favorite, "2001: A Space Odyssey".  Made me want to travel to the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and beyond.  Sadly, this will be a journey only of my imagination. 

I love museums,natural sights and architecture ,but what really  makes  to travel is the interesting people I meet. Some books seem to capture those unique characters that you meet while traveling, especially on a budget.I'm reading" Down and Out in Paris  and London "now and George Orwell  has brought up a flood of memories of the different people I've met and that  keeps me wanting to travel more and more.

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