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Travelling and holiday planning are one of those aspects which helps you take a break from your routine life. The relaxing atmosphere at the beachside hotel and all the amenities at your service isn’t any less of a tour to heaven.

Most of the people look upon a calm and relaxed atmosphere to shred away the stress of life. Tamarindo Costa Rica is one of the exotic places to spend a relaxing yet adventures holiday with your family.

The town speaks for an all-beach location, where you shall find all sorts of beach adventures. Tamarindo is among the most popular beach resorts destinations which make it special for beach activities. But did you know there is more to discover in Tamarindo as part of Costa Rica adventures?

Time to dig the sands of the beach and explore the aesthetic beauty of the holiday destination.

Visiting the Sea-Life

Both adults and children enjoy the scenic beauty of sea-life creatures. The same experience comes through your holiday time when visiting Las Baulas national park. The marine life spot has been a house for over 800 female leatherback turtles.

Not to forget, the exotic marine park allows the tourists to do Kayaking. More wildlife creatures are going to be part of your memory because the national park is nurtured with mangroves and an estuary.

Adding to the excitement, the night visit to the national park looks extraordinary. It is the only time when you can witness turtles laying their eggs on the beach. You definitely would not want to miss the chance to grab that moment as part of your memory.

The Fishing Fantasy

Tamarindo is known for its beautiful beaches and marine life which makes fishing spot one among the native adventurous activities. The limelight goes to Marlin and Sailfish, two beautiful sea creatures to spot in Costa Rica.

Fishing sport is open here during all the season. Every season has varied types of fish to offer. So if you have even a bit of the skill, your fishing hook won’t go empty, regardless of what time of the year it is.

Hubspot for Surfing

To begin with, Tamarindo in Costa Rica is known for holding surfing competitions every year. The beaches Playa Negra, Witch’s Rock, and Ollie’s Point and more have the best break in. These beaches sparkle some of the best surfing experience to all from beginners to professional surfers. The best part is, waves are calm enough to enjoy a safe surfing ride.

Where to find the surfboards on rent? If you are not carrying your surfboard around the holiday, don’t worry. There are plenty of stores around the corner where you can get surfboards and many other beach sports on rent.

Now if you going to surf for the first time, surfing lessons can also be part of your adventure. Such an experience can become the highlighting part of your trip.

The Zipline tour at Sunset

Tamarindo is not an all-beach adventure spot. The thrilling and exciting activities run through trees, woods, and mountains as well. If you are wondering how, the answer lies within the Zipline activity.

The canopy tours are catered with Zipline tours. Now if you want to make your trip more adventurous, choose to carry out the activity at night. The adrenaline rush will be a life-long memory. You might have experienced tons of Zipline activities, however, Zipline adventures of Tamarindo, Costa Rica are not worth missing out.

Organic Shopping Adventure

We understand, today people shop adventures that offer more than just the souvenirs. Items like flip-flops, country-specific t-shirts, badges, and magnets have become a common affair.

At the shops of Tamarindo, you can make the best choice of buying organic products. Here you shall find the items made from natural materials found in Costa Rica. Isn’t it great that you can take something healthy and natural as a gift for your family apart from the common souvenirs?

National Park Adventures

Looking for some exciting and thrilling adventure? Cave exploring can at Barra Honda National Park gets you to experience the chills and thrill both at the same time. Down while exploring the caves, hikers shall witness the beautiful and unique Nicoya landscapes.

Rincon De La Vieja National Park is all about hiking and waterfall view. So nature falls right into your lap when visiting this highly-nurtured national parks.

Sailing by the Sunset

What’s the fun of an adventurous trip at a beach location when you are not relaxing your shoulder by the end of the end? After the tiresome and fulfilling activities, a calm and peaceful sail by the seaside is all you need to comfort the body and brain.

Sailing by the sea through sunset is among the most mesmerizing experience. You can head towards Snorkel and endure the nature thriving around you. Dolphins, turtles, and whales may accompany you along the ride if you are visiting Costa Rica at the right time of the year.

One is sailing on your own and another is sailing through the cruise. If you want to experience some luxury by the end of the day, Catamaran cruises are your go-to options. Enjoy the ride along with your spouse or the whole family.

The Precise Time for Visiting

Tamarindo in Costa Rica experiences two dominant seasons throughout the year. One is the dry season which is followed by the green season. The visiting time depends entirely on your vacation plans.

Let’s say you are looking forward to spending ample time in parties. In this case, the heat of the dry season from December to April should not bother you. Contrary to that, the green season from May to November will cater all your adventurous experience. Everything that came down on the list mentioned above will be at your service in the green season.

Walk through the travel tips to make your visit to Tamarindo worth your time and money. We assure you that the place has every versatile activity to offer from relaxing your body to jumping on your knees.

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