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Amsterdam also known as Venice of the North or Mokum. Amsterdam is famous for many things, from its art and rich heritage to its elaborate canals and limitless cafes but it stands out for one thing over all else; making for the most unique and unforgettable trip for young adults and people of age alike. Any Amsterdam trip would be considered unfinished if it did not include-

  1. Rijksmuseum - Starting off slow, this excellent museum houses some of the greatest European masterpieces of all time. The structure itself is an absolutely stunning sight to behold and makes for a wonderful day trip.

  2. Van Gogh Museum - The journey planner is incomplete without a visit to the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam which holds the single largest collection of the great artist’s works under one contemporary architecture roof.

  3. Anne Frank House - A must visit to the famous Anne Frank house Amsterdam  which is a museum to World War 2’s famous diarist that gives great insight into and a real experience of life during the holocaust. The vacation is incomplete without a visit to this Amsterdam historical landmark.

  4. Vondelpark - Moving on to some of the more nature oriented spots on the vacation guide, the Vondelpark is a massive public park built on 47 hectares of land that offers a real all day with nature trip. The park also features an open air theatre where one can find entertainment on most evenings.

  5. Jordaan - Possibly the most recognizable of all neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, the Jordaan is an excellent place to spend a day walking as one can shop at the various specialty stores, eat at any one of the many restaurants along the way or enjoy some art at one of the galleries that are along this wonderful stretch of the Dutch country.

  6. Heineken Experience - This is undoubtedly one of the most fun and unique experiences for adults in Holland. The Heineken experience is an interactive beer museum that takes visitors on a tour of the inner workings of the beer giant. The experience culminates in the actual beer tasting room which is probably what everyone is there for in the first place.

  7. De Wallen - Excluded from most vacation guides due to its inappropriate nature; De Wallen is the red light district of Amsterdam which features sex shops, cannabis coffee shops and various other off beat experiences. The reason for its inclusion on this list is that it is a very significant part of the Amsterdam experience regardless of a person’s reason for visiting the area. The canal running through the area is absolutely stunning and the experiences offered by this region of the city are well worth the travel to at least witness.

  8. Amsterdam Central Station - This station is one of the most eye catching architectural spectacles in the world due to its iconic 19th century design language and being the defining hub of train travel all across Europe. The Central Station is well worth a trip if not a travel from or to, depending on the journey guide and itinerary.

  9. Natura Artis Magistra - One of the oldest zoos in all of Europe, the Natura Artis Magistra is a must see on an Amsterdam vacation. The complex includes a zoo, aquarium and planetarium and has stood the Dutch grounds since 1838. The massive size of the zoo allows for several hours of entertainment and education and is easily the most kid friendly part of the entire vacation guide. As an added bonus the complex also contains monumental buildings that are used as animal enclosures and the zoo houses a whopping 900 species on the premises. 901 if you include yourself.

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