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If your like me,going to the gym is not very exciting.I'd much rather do my workouts outside. Share some of your favorite spots worldwide  and some of your toughest outdoor workouts with us.
I'll share two pretty hard outdoor workouts that I've done.
One has to be  the stairs in Santa Monica. For years runners have been training on those steps and it really is a workout.
It's at the end of 4th St. at Adelaide going down to Pacific Palisades.
Another place  I've tried is right here in  Gainesville, Florida at the famous Ben Griffith Stadium ( The Swamp) .The public is allowed to work out in it most days,with the main exception being  home game weekends.

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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We travel indie style, taking public transport whenever possible.  Jumping on and off buses and trains with luggage takes a certain level of physical fitness.  We try to start trips in good shape because, if not, we shape up the hard way with all of that walking to bus stops and running for trains.  You have not really lived until you have jumped, with bags, at the last possible instance, to catch the ferry behind  Amsterdam Centraal just before it pulls away from the dock.

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