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When the western world is sitting quietly near its fireplace (or in the living room watching Netflix), the boiling-hot summer is booming Down Under. Filled with a ton of activities throughout the year, Australia outdoes even itself when the hot season arrives. Vast and beautiful, this continent has numerous outdoor activities to offer in the summer months, which is why we’ve come up with a quick guide for your holiday experience in the Outback and beyond!

Australia is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) continents for enjoying adrenaline-inducing activities. pexels-photo-68704

If you want to give your adventurer’s spirit a go, we recommend trying at least some of these:
WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo – As you are probably aware, there is a myriad of species to be found Down Under, but the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo has the cream of these to offer. Travel around Australia’s most iconic locations inside the heart of its biggest city! Meet Rex, the huge crocodile, enjoy the precious koalas and finally get a chance to meet a kangaroo or two.
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium– What would your visit to Australia be if you haven’t enjoyed its sea life? More than 700 hundred different species and 13.000 water animals can be found here, boasting 14 themed zones. Looking for a thrill? The horrors of the Shark Walk will definitely do the trick for you.
Tree climbing – If you’re looking for an experience that you haven’t probably tried just yet, climbing, swinging and leaping from trees might be of interest to you. Up high in the tree canopy, you’ll get the chance to enjoy the trees and nature as you probably never have. You`ll probably get exhausted like full body workouts at home fitness.
Jenolan Caves – If the term “underground adventure” sounds appealing to you, rest assured that Australia’s most spectacular caves will leave you amazed. 10 show caves for all ages and fitness levels are available, as well as thrill-seeking ghost tours for that greatly raved adrenaline boost.
Sydney bike tours – There is a better way to experience Sydney’s greatest attractions than by walking. 3 self-guided bike tours are available, as you rent your vehicle to enjoy all the gorgeous views Australia’s largest city has to offer. Naturally, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are included.

If you aren’t big on adventures, or want to rest from one, you should definitely give some of these places a go:
Get your drink on – Australia’s largest cities are well-known for their nightlife. Whenever you find yourself within a city, make sure you’ve tasted at least a few types of beer that their countless pubs have to offer.


Sydney Opera House – Okay, this is doubtlessly the prime monument of Sydney. Going backstage on a backstage tour here, however, can be a miraculous experience and the tours are available in several languages, including Mandarin, Japanese and French.

Climb the Harbour Bridge – Opened since 1932, “The Coat Hanger”, as the bridge is locally known offers an even better experience than walking or cycling across this marvelous structure. Bridge Climb expeditions will take you as high as this superstructure allows.
Grab a meal at some of the finest restaurants in Sydney – After you’ve climbed down from your Harbour Bridge experience, make sure you’ve visited Quay, one of Sydney’s finest restaurants, with a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour.


Whether you are enthusiastic about going for an adventure, enjoying your holiday quietly, or a mix of both, you can rest assured that Australia will definitely not disappoint you. Countless activities and gorgeous sights to see Down Under offer a holiday that will definitely bring your standards to a higher level. Don’t worry though, there is always more of Australia to experience than you could ever in a single lifetime.


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I've done most of those activities in the Oz winter.

The winter time is a much cooler version of summer with temperatures below the 100f + that they get at Xmas - nearer 60/70f and just as sunny. Much more pleasant for a traveller from the frozen north.

The Bridge Climb was a hoot - laughing all the way. But climbing trees is an invasion of Spider Territory. But at least the tree snakes eat 'em.  

Not for me.


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