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With the rising awareness among average Indians, the demand for improved services is on the rise these days than in the past. Nothing exemplifies this phenomenon or the new trend in a better way than the choice of rental cars among people in India.

Though the cab culture in India has undergone some changes in recent years, it is still quite a distance away from accepting the idea of self-driven cars. That said, the joys of self-driven cars far exceed the experience of sitting in a passenger car.

Wondering how you are going to benefit from the idea of getting a self-driven car on rentals over hiring passenger cars?

Reasons why you should try it if you have never tried it before.


Times are changing. People value their privacy more these days than they used to do in the past. Passenger cars are notorious for breaching the privacy of passengers. When you travel with your friends, and chit-chat with them verbally on the way, you would not want an unknown person to hear what you are saying. Isn’t it? You have to make some adjustment to this behaviour pattern if you are travelling a passenger car.

But with a self-drive car on rental, you do not need to worry about a stranger butting in while you are in conversation with your friends. It is all the more useful when you are travelling with your family members or relatives. If you value your privacy, then there is no better way to protect it while you are travelling than hiring a car on rental which you can drive on your own.


You may want a car to go either fast or slow at times while it is on the move. In a passenger car, all you can do is request your driver to drive the car in a particular way. However, it is up to them whether they would follow your instruction or not. Though there are ways to make a driver do this, you may not want to get into a duel with a driver. That’s the worst thing which can happen when you take a trip in a passenger car. After all, newspapers in India are replete with incidents wherein passengers get into a fight with drivers over such matters.

Also, consider what happens when the driver takes you to your destination via a route which is not known to you. Drivers belonging to the working class who generally work for more than what they’re paid for. So, chances of robbery or an assault cannot be ruled out. They can do this at any time while moving along a deserted street.

If you get to drive a car on your own, you can choose to either increase or decrease its speed depending on your preference. Plus, because it’s you would be driving the car, there would be no danger of it going via an unknown route. Needless to say, this can minimize the chances of safety concerns almost completely. When you take the above points into consideration, they add up to the fact that a self-drive car on a rental is hands down a better option than a passenger car when it comes to safety.

More liberty

While a self-drive car may cost you more money than boarding a passenger car, you cannot overlook the benefits of the former option. On a self-drive car, you are the boss of your own will. There are no time-related constraints. For instance, you can choose to be at a place a little longer with your friends or family members when you go on a picnic. But the same would be next to impossible when you go on an outing in a group on a passenger car.

You would most likely have an agreement with a company wherein you would be required to tell them the duration of time for which you would need to hire the passenger car. The same rule applies if you choose to hire a passenger car which is driven by an individual driver. If you exceed the time than what was agreed upon, you would be asked to pay an extra amount of money.


Think of a rental self-drive car, and the first thing which you are more likely to consider is your expenses. It's fact that rental cars will cost you more than passenger cars on average, there are options by virtue of which you can assuage the cost factor. 

So, there you go - you may not want to miss out on these benefits of a self-drive car on a rental. Try it once, and you would not need to turn to a passenger car on hire again.

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