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I've often used for accommodations as I travel, and for more reasons than that TravelGumbo benefits when travelers make reservations using the link on our pages—but I have another reason now.

When we arrived in Palermo, Sicily a couple of  weeks ago, our airport bus+taxi combo made us a bit later than we had told the hosts of our B&B. So, while we were  in the taxi, we got a phone call from a rep, who told us that the host had called, concerned that we might be lost; then called us and asked if we needed help finding the place.

As it happened, the taxi had just pulled up at that moment, but it was nice to know we had a support network!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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That's good to know.  Many companies don't understand how important good customer service is. is my preferred hotel booking site when I travel abroad because they do such a good job describing the accommodations.  You'll pretty much know exactly what kind of room to expect.  Also, if you are a frequent user you qualify for your their "genius" discounts from select hotels -- an extra 10% off.  Nice! 

For example, when we visited Palermo, we stayed at a top quality hotel with excellent breakfast for 2 for $45 US a night, including the genius discount.  Everything arranged on  Hard to beat.

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