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The truth is that the debate between a softside versus a hardside luggage continues to rage on, and it all depends on various factors. When you visit a luggage store, the very first question you will probably ask the shopkeeper is whether they have soft or hard luggage. Most people prefer one luggage to the other and generally, they choose it based on their prior travel experience.

It is true that in the last 2-3 years, there’s been a major shift to the hardside designer luggage set, with several pieces in variable sizes coming into the market, and taking up the lion’s share of major developments and updates. However, most travelers still prefer softside luggage options and we will discuss that later in this post.

For now, let’s talk about how luggage sets are a great investment in terms of your budgeting and trip planning, since purchasing even a reputable brand now falls within a reasonable price range. Now, there’s definitely a wide range designed especially for travelers of all tastes and backgrounds. It is quite common that you also don’t buy one suitcase for just one trip, and you need to align it with the right type of your travel options since you will most likely not get more value for just one bag.

The Major Pros of a Hardside Luggage

  • Greater Security: Since hardside luggage sets have case slitting, it reduces the chances of theft. With more internal pockets and smart options within, people can now store more items in a secure way.
  • Strong and Lightweight:Usually, the strength to the weight ratio is often better, and hardside options now come in lighter weight options, making it easier for travelers to carry their bag around.
  • Colorful Options: Another amazing quality of choosing hardside over softside is the color, design, and pattern options you have, giving your travel experience a personalized touch. You can choose some designer sets such as Mia Toro, which has designer art options and more variations.
  • Maximum Space for Packing:Since it has a thin plastic shell construction, with an Italian luggage set, you get more packing space in the lining and folds.
  • Protection: Hard shells are quite durable and they are resilient. If your case drops, it offers a better resistance to impact and hence, protects your belongings within in a better way.
  • Four Wheels:This is a great benefit, which gives you the option to maneuver your luggage in any direction with ease. Whether you pull your luggage over a cobblestone or a rough terrain, the hard 4-wheel spinner will make it easier for you to control your luggage.

The Cons

  • Hard luggage rarely has an expandable section like a softside one.
  • Takes up more space when open
  • They can be less car friendly and when you travel in pairs you will have to consider whether you plan to travel in a hired car or whether your car is wide enough to fit the suitcase

The Major Pros of a Softside Luggage

  • Less Space When Open: You can lean up your case easily against the wall and you can pack away without worrying about the space the bag takes. Unpacking is also easy and you can toss in different clothes and close the lid any time in the hotel room.
  • Organized Packing: Normally, soft suitcases have a better-organized packing system with external pocket and additional pockets for fast access when you are in transit. It is better you travel with a soft case suitcase through train stations and airports or cities, which will let you add a bottle of water and tickets on the go, wherever!
  • Expandable Sections: They come with expandable sections, which make them a versatile choice for different trips.
  • Easy Packing: Usually, they are easier to pack into the boots of cars, depending on their rigidness and design.

The Cons

  • Unlike hardside luggage, the lighter the softside option, the flimsier it will be since it contains less heavy fabrics and less “hard” features.
  • It offers less protection for the items inside, whereas a hard designer luggage set will absorb the impact from knocks and bumps, a soft suitcase doesn’t usually have that feature
  • The fabric is prone to constant wear and tear. When you travel, it may fray, rip or pull in many instances and it will compromise the quality of the bag
  • It offers less security and thieves may be able to cut through the fabric easily. The external pockets can also let people put unwanted items into your bag without your knowledge.

Even though hardside remains a better choice for any type of journey, most people still prefer softside options. The reason is their compact size, and flexible quality, which helps to keep the space well organized when you pack and unpack. You can simply carry them around without the need to pull them around like a hand luggage.

However, the choice all depends on your preference and the type of trip you plan to go on. The best advice for you is to choose wisely!


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