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Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an eager novice, these eight great hacks that will enrich your global getaways.

1. Bring your own bottle

Traveling is thirsty work and airports are strict when it comes to liquids. To swerve extortionate airport prices, bring an empty bottle with you and fill it up for free once you’ve passed security.

2. Roll don’t fold

Make maximum use of your luggage space by rolling your clothes into a tube shape. Rolling helps protect your clothes from creases and wrinkles and might enable you to use a smaller bag.

3. Mark your bag as fragile

This tip has a double benefit. First, your baggage should be handled with extra care by airport staff, keeping your worldly goods intact. Second, fragile items are put on the top of the storage pile on the plane, so your bag will be one of the first on the conveyor belt.

4. unpack what you need

Travel can mean you’re always on the move, so don’t bother unpacking everything at your accommodation. This will save time when you’re preparing to move to your next destination, and you’re less likely to leave something behind.

5. Make your own mobile speaker

If you’re travelling light, leave your speaker at home and make your own using your phone. Everything you need can probably be found in your living space.

Place your phone in a cup or bowl and enjoy as that weak, tinny sound is transformed into a booming cacophony of sound.

Feeling creative? Check out this article on how to make a toilet paper roll speaker from Wiki How.

6. Keep it private when you book

Travel sites such as Kayak can record your visits by installing cookies on your browser. The more often you return to search the more you’ll find the prices are rising— the aim is to make you feel pressured into buying immediately. To crumble these menacing cookies, turn on ‘private browsing’ and bag yourself a better deal.

7. Scan and email your passport

Back up your passport and any other travel documents by scanning and then emailing them to yourself.

This might seem like a pain, but you’ll be very glad you did if you’re ever a victim of theft whilst abroad, because having copies means making an insurance claim is easier, as is securing an emergency travel document from your national consulate.

8. Drive to the airport

Dodge unreliable public transport and travel on your own terms by driving the airport. You can find airport parking deals on Looking4 for US airports from San Diego to Seattle.

With your favorite tunes blasting on the stereo, you’ll feel super chilled as you cruise to the airport.

Try out these great hacks and you’ll find your next overseas adventure is truly awesome.

What are your favorite travel hacks? Share in the comments.


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