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India - a land of remarkable diversity is a much-loved tourist destination. The ancient traditions, artistic heritage, majestic landscapes and culinary creations prevailing in this country are sure to ignite your curiosity and warm your soul. Every state in the country has their own culinary delights, which have been passed from one generation to another. The variety found in Indian cuisine is unparalleled and unmatched by any other cuisine across the globe.

Though the Indian food is widely acknowledged for its rich flavours and variety, it is also known for causing chaos in the bellies of first-time visitors.  

Here are the things that will help you stay healthy while savouring the delectable Indian cuisine --

Be careful about what and where to eat

Tucking into street food is one of the biggest joys of travelling in India and also the best way to experience its diverse culture. It will be unfair to come back home without trying it. Picking up the right vendor is the most crucial part of having street food in India in order to stay safe. Asking locals for recommendations is by far the best way to find the best street food. If not that, follow the crowd - if the vendor is not crowded, the food might not be fresh and hygienic. The safest bet here is taking notice of the profile of the people -- any place popular with families will be a good option.

Note:  Give yourself a few days to adjust to the spicy food, if you’re not used to it.

Call to action: Try probiotics to boost the good bacteria in your stomach for improving digestion.

Eat cooked food and avoid salads/juices

Cooking the food kills all the bacterias and amoebae. If you think that having juices or salads at 5-star properties is safe, you are mistaken. You might end up running for the bathroom a couple of hours later. It is suggested to eat only cooked food from restaurants that have a high turn over.

Note: Keep antibacterial hand-wipes with you at all times.

Call to Action: Charcoal tablets are an incredibly effective way of preventing dysentery (Delhi Belly).

Prefer vegetarian food over non-vegetarian food

It is usually suggested that eating vegetarian food in India is a better option as India has the lowest meat consumption rate in the world. You really don’t know how long the meat has been kept out before it was stuffed inside your cutlet or roll. Although, you can try having non-veg in some of the famous places, which are crowded by locals. If possible, watch how they are preparing the food and make sure everything is hunky dory.

Note: You can gorge on shawarma and non-veg rolls. Don’t eat food not famous among Indians like beef. It might not be fresh.

Call to Action: In case of food poisoning, it is advised to consult a doctor.

Delhi, being the hub of best street food, is flocked by foodaholics from across the globe. To cater to the large number of tourists, there are a number of hotels in Delhi.

Never overeat... No matter how tasty the food is

Overeating is the biggest cause of any digestion related problems. If you are eating spicy food for the first time, your stomach is already having a hard time digesting it and on top of it, if you overeat, your stomach is surely going to give up. So, be a little courteous and eat food in controlled portions.

Note: Separate out your portion and make sure you don’t take extra. Listen to the signs your body gives out.

Call to Action: Organic-amla-berry-tablets and bio-Immune are of great help. They boost your immunity so that your body fends off unwanted germs. Also, they serve as a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Sanitise properly

Whether you are eating on the street or in a 5-star property, never forget to sanitise your hands properly. Also, many food items in India are consumed using hands, so it is very important that you keep them clean. Other than this, be cautious if the cutlery you are using is properly washed. Use of disposable paper plates and glasses can be a good option.

Note: Keep sanitising wipes with you at all times.

Call to Action: In case of any food poisoning, make sure to consult a doctor.

Careful while buying bottled water

In India it is a common practice to re-use bottled water bottles and fill it with tap water. Make sure that you always drink water, which is sealed and intact.

Note: Buy water bottles from recognised stores and marts.

Call to Action: Take Acidophilus supplements and eat lots of yogurt, to provide the stomach and intestines with “good” bacteria.

Enjoy family home dining but be cautious

If you get a chance to dine at an Indian household, don’t resist. It will be one-of-its-kind experience and the food will be mind-blowing, but be careful that you don’t overeat. A trick to avoid overeating is to eat slow. If you eat too fast they will keep piling the food on your plate and force-feed you. Also, make sure that you don’t consume local alcohol at any cost.

Note: Keep a water bottle and sanitiser with you at all times.    

Call to Action: Have antidiarrheal medicines for upset stomach.

Keeping these points in mind, you can enjoy a wonderful stay in India and take home all the beautiful memories.

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