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luxury accommodation 2Luxury hotels are considered as an expensive choice for accommodation and often associate its affordability with celebrities and wealthy people. However, in the recent years, there are now plenty of affordable luxury hotels in the market no matter where you go. Competition in the tourism industry made businesses to keep up with the level of standards that is expected today. 

Booking a luxury hotel is easy but picking the right one for you will take a good amount of research. Below are the reasons why you need to book a luxury hotel accommodation for your next travel:

Offers best cuisines and high-quality food

In luxury hotels, you can expect the surrounding restaurants to offer the best cuisines from all over the world. There are also a lot of food choices when you dine in. The hotels are employed with the best chefs to make sure that the guests will get the best taste and quality when it comes to food. Fresh local ingredients are always served to a high standard, and you can try out new dishes as well.

Has a better surrounding

Luxury hotels will no doubt come with better scenery and surroundings. Usually, they are located in the best area of a location. High-end hotels are located next to an open area, gardens or attractions. In this way, guests will no longer travel far away from the accommodation as there are plenty of things to discover inside and outside the hotel.

Lots of adventure and activities

Luxurious accommodations are more than just a room and a bed. They provide a wide range of activities and areas in the hotel where guests can try different types of activities and events. For instance, gyms and sports activities are available for clients who wants stay active even during their holiday. Other sports activities usually include cycling, tennis, yoga, water activities and many others.

Reliable check-in and check-out

In luxury hotel, front desk is always available or can be easily summoned with a bell. Check-in is swift and fast. Nothing's more frustrating than waiting on a long check-in line when you have spent the day just getting to the hotel. Luxury hotels have similar process from the Apple Store; there are no check-in or check-out lines, but roving personnel who do it all on iPads.

Guests can get the room they wanted

The room that the guest was assigned to should be exactly the type of room he/she wants. A true luxury hotel will accommodate the request regarding all of the room elements including: room category or level, physical location in the hotel, and type of bed.

Provides great VIP and loyalty perks

Keep in mind the luxury hotel either offers a preferred partner program or are a member of a luxury consortium, where guests can enjoy special perks including upgrade on arrival, complimentary breakfast, a hotel credit, and other amenities. Certain luxury hotel chains allow guests to earn loyalty points that are redeemable in the future stay or offer upgrades.

Have better bathroom offerings

Luxury hotel bathrooms have become an area of scrutiny and pride, much like upscale home bathrooms. They have a good ventilation source, his-and-hers sinks, sufficient counter space for stuff, convenient outlets, and a partitioned and private john. There is good water pressure in the shower, prestige or artisan toiletries that smell neither too flowery nor masculine, and bath gel as well as bar soap. Moreover, it also includes a mending kit, robes and slippers, high-quality terry towels, makeup mirror that lights, and enough racks or hooks for drying hand laundry.


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I cannot agree with some of your statements. For instance, I remember a trip to Southern India where we met another couple who had booked the same private tour, but they had gone for the significantly more expensive luxury option whereas we had chosen home-stays. They were actually envious because our guesthouses tended to be in lovely spots right in the middle of the action, while their 5-star concrete bunkers were often in sterile out-of-town locations - and lacked any character. We certainly never queued for check-out and the local restaurants provided the genuine article (rather than 'international cuisine').

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