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Using a limousine service adds a sense of class and luxury to the person who is sitting in its back seat. Traveling in a limousine is an experience most people can only dream about. Most people hire limousine services for important life events, and therefore one needs to be careful in choosing the service.


No matter what the event is, whether you want a luxury limousine service, a corporate event, or a wedding, there are a few things you must check with a  limousine service company when you hire them. Here is a list of those things: 

Event type: You must always tell your limousine service company what kind of event you are planning to attend. Different events can have different expectations from a travel service. Additionally, sometimes limousine services can have different packages associated with an event, if you tell them the event beforehand you will be able to use those special packages.  

Time and Date: You need to specify the date and time for which you will require the limousine. Even if you’re just looking for a price quote, you will still have to mention when you’d need the vehicle. It is possible that the limousine you’re looking for isn’t available if you book only a couple of days in advance. If you’re sure about the dates, you should make the booking as soon as possible.  

Also, be sure to notify the company of how long will you be needing their service. If you need the vehicle late at night, be sure to specify that as well. 

Number of passengers and their age: The number of passengers who will be traveling will decide the type of vehicle you will need. Additionally, you should always tell the company if you expect an increase in the number of passengers. The number of passengers that a limo can legally hold depends on the guidelines set by the Department of Transportation. An increase in the number of passengers from 12 to 13 might sound simple, but the limousine service may have to switch the vehicle from a stretch limousine to a party bus. 

It is important to tell the limousine company if you’re planning to have alcohol in the vehicle. As per the regulations, it is important that everyone on board is above the age of 21 and has a necessary ID to prove that. 

5 Things You Must Tell A Limo Service Company While Hiring Them

Amenities you need: If you are planning to watch something on the flat screen and are bringing a DVD, you should inform your limousine company. If you tell them beforehand, they will make sure that your request can be accommodated. Additionally, when utilizing any other transportation service with the company, it is always better if you let them know in advance of any special requests you may have.  

Written agreement: You might discuss everything in detail with a representative from limousine company over the phone, but it is prudent that you get it in writing as well. You must get a written agreement on details such as total cost, discounts, refunds, pick/drop timing and locations, type of limousine and your special requirements. If you have written documentation of these details, you will have a record of it and can make the company liable if they can’t keep their promise to you.  

These are just some of the things you must tell your limousine service provider. Hiring a limousine is not something you do everyday. It is thus very important that you make sure every penny you spend is worth it.  

When hiring a limo service, you must make sure the company has good reviews and has a high experience in providing chauffeured services. Empire limousine is one of these excellent limo service companies located in the New Jersey area. If hiring a limo is in your mind, you can try them.


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  • 5 Things You Must Tell A Limo Service Company While Hiring Them
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