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Cruising with extended family or friends is a great way of catching up with your near and dear ones. Moreover, it is also a very good way of reaping special perks, right from free drinks to free cabins. If group travels are needed, the cruise lines must be asked as to what extra discounts are added; double check and only if you are satisfied, do the booking. Each member gets goodies. Have a look at 5 things that the party cruises in Harbor do for people;

  1. Cabins

This is probably the best possible perk that the cruise lines offer. Free cabins are offered people during the time of booking. For instance, if you are 11 members, the New Year eve cruises lines will charge amount for 10 berths; 11th one would be free of cost. For party cruises in Sydney, free berths can be obtained for all 15 paid members.  On the other hand, there are some who might not offer free berths; in turn, they offer free upgrade on the group’s cabins.

  1. Passage for kids

Many a times, discounted fares are offered for the 3rd or 4th passenger; with 2 full paying guests, no matter whether they are children or whether they are adults. Some cruise companies go a bit further and offer free cruise to 2 children, with 2 full-fare adults.

  1. Credits

Many a times, shipboard credits are offered, which can be used in venues, bars, shops and spas. For families having 6- full fare adults, around $200 dollars worth credits are offered. Sometimes, if the number of adults is more, around $500 worth credits are offered. When 5 or more cabins are booked, a $25 voucher would be given with every booking.

  1. Meals and drinks

Specialty bottles of wine and dining are free bonuses that groups can avail. All cruisers get free lunch in the restaurant and some of them offer soda cards worth $50.  If more rooms are booked, Amenity dollars are offered for redeeming on things such as spa credits, group photos, chocolate covered strawberries and more. All cabins can pop up a sparkling wine bottle too.

  1. Parties

Often, cruise lines offer treats such as cocktail parties. If bookings of over 15 or more people have to be made, these parties are common. For instance, a 1 hour party is thrown in many new-year cruises with fruit punch, manhattans and free-flowing martinis. Now, this is surely going to make you enjoy thoroughly.

Check the reason of your travel; ask yourself why you are travelling. The answer would help in spending good time on board. Generally, cruisers are quite sociable. It is a good way of spending some alone time as well.  Moreover, party cruises help people mix up together and also have a gala time with families and friends.  Always choose a cruise company after careful consideration. Compare quotes and also compare the offers that the company is offering.

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