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Your understanding of mountain stations in Himachal Pradesh is limited to just Shimla and Manali and trust, almost everyone has been around, perhaps you too, earlier on your previous decades! But this your honeymoon, we all know you have planned many matters for your honeymoon visit to Himachal Pradesh, also we'd love to add a spice of some of those offbeat areas in Himachal Pradesh to get a honeymoon that's not on the tourist radar and therefore are still unexplored.

So, are you prepared to explore the unexplored all-natural beauty areas in Himachal Pradesh? If you are crying yes, then adhere to this post till it finishes and gives us your ears, here we attract 5 needs to visit offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh to get additional honeymoon pleasure! Thanks, us afterward for sorting out your thought of spending quality time at the mountain ranges.


  • Kasol

Kasol is your nice honeymoon destination in Himachal Pradesh to see to get a honeymoon without costing too much. With cool cafes, secluded romantic walks, hiking experience, and camping choices on the banks of Parvati River and around the very top of Kheerganga, you can hit Kasol out of Manali through bus or taxi in about 3 hours/80 km space. Locals call Kasol - the mini Israel of India due to the significant influence of Israeli outside there.

  1. Malana

Think Malana more than simply"Malana Cream." Fondly popular for it is"Malana Hash," Malana is your earliest democratic village in the world, that's still in existence to this day! As a result of its vibrancy. Locals of the village have been said to be the descendants of the Great Alexander since the natives narrate tourist that the leader and his army of Greeks got injured in the battle against Porus- Punjab ruler.

It's a great place to visit if you want to see the not so bashful people and bright faces. Individuals of Malana asks a tourist to maintain a distance from them as they believe they're not arrogant, but much better than you! Though, locals are very friendly to chat, and ask for any help!

Tip: Apart from the fact that Malana climbs the best hash in the world, we advise you to not get high together with your sweetheart by smoking it, rather, getting lost in the impeccable elegance of Malana is the very best thing.

  1. Prashar Lake

This lake is just another offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh that should be seen for it is a gorgeous lake, situated in the peak of 2730 m over sea level. This lake is reported to be the abode of Safe Prashar, that meditate there and there's a temple devoted to him also. It's strategically situated at a distance of approximately 49 km from Mandi. The Prashar Lake offers a multitude of photo opportunities because it's blanketed with snow between January to March.

Mid-April onwards is your very best time to see Prashar Lake, prevent visiting it at the monsoons.

  1. Shoja

Home to the numerous Hyaena, also called"Lakkarbagga's," Shoja is a scenic village and is situated around 5 kilometers from Jalori Pass. By providing the scenic view of pristine valleys to seeing unique birds like Blue Robbin and Nutcracker, options are lots of to bask in the appeal of Shoja on your honeymoon package.

So, let's if you are getting started to set out on a honeymoon visit to Himachal Pradesh. We suggest that you have a look at our Himachal tour package or get more comprehensive info about our Himachal Pradesh Places to visit on our service page.

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