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Europe has always been a fascinating destination for travellers and there is nothing like visiting the continent that has been at the four fold of human civilization.  In this post, we have compiled a list of the 5 best places to visit in Europe that you must surely visit in 2018:

1. Hamburg, Germany:
The city of Hamburg is often known as the gateway of the world since ancient times and rightly so. Hamburg will probably blow you away with its rich architecture and maritime wonders around the city. Hamburg has many beautiful places to visit including the recently opened most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world, the Elbphilharmonie which is a must visit for travellers with a penchant for classical music. If you are in for a more vibrant atmosphere, then be sure to visit the nearby Rathausmarkt which is always cheery and festive with events.

2. The PeloPonnese, Greece:
While you may have seen the romantic side of Greece N number of times on the TV or the internet, there is a part of Greece still undiscovered and untethered with the appeal of modern life. Make your way this time to the lesser visited ruins of the Peloponnese. The region is known best as the agricultural hinterland of the country. There are agritourism resorts all over the place if you want to refresh your palette for some exquisite and mouth watering food of the country. Take a roadside trip to Porto Heli, just east of Peloponnese where you can take a picturesque walk of the coastline.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland:
Iceland is a country that is truly blessed by mother earth. A trip of the capital city of Iceland is one that will surely bring fruition to your travelling efforts. Why? Well, March is the last full month of the year when you will get to notice the Northern lights in all her glory. This is also the season when the summer would officially begin paving way for numerous local delights and adventures. You can shop, drink, and eat till your heart’s content all the while being in the lap of nature enjoying the iconic northern lights. Looking for more such travel destinations? Then be sure to visit

4. Valencia, Spain:
Cut your trip short in March and make sure to visit the Lapland of Valencia in Spain. A place that promises to make it worth your while with its scenic destinations renowned for affordable trips. Walk the mike to the Valencia Cathedral home and witness the glory of this city’s iconic past. Make sure to check the Torres de Quart, the city’s old gem and boundary wall. If you are tired of the vanity, then shop till you drop at the Mercat Central and explore the Barri del Carme’s Boutique.

5. Alentejo, Portugal:
Portugal has been in the news lately for being the most affordable places to live in Europe. Retirees and pensioners are making the place their new home and for a good reason, not to mention the travellers who are thronging the place for cheap vacations . The Alentejo coast is renowned for its expansive sandy beaches, rugged old broke back terrain and dusty red soils. A place where you could seek solace with nature and enjoy the hospitality of the Evora, the medieval walled town, east of Lisbon.

So there we have the 5 best places you ought to add in your bucket list this new year. Happy travels.

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