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Umrah is one of the most beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). This is a particular act of worship that now millions of Muslims do throughout the year. Rewards of Umrah are endless! Subhan Allah! Perform Umrah with intensity, love, desire and gratitude. Umrah is a spiritual journey to the house of Allah and in return there are rewards for the travelers. The journey will be one of the most beloved journeys of your life. This is guaranteed. It is such a blessed journey that Muslims get the benefit of visiting the most holiest of places in their life time. Changes after going to Umrah is a natural process of evolution.

These are the remarkable benefits of Umrah. It also refers to as “Umrah Fazilat”. This means the significance of Umrah. Other Ulema define the below advantages of Umrah is also coined as “Sawab of Umrah”. “Sawab” means blessings.

Reward 1 – Being a guest of Allah!
Abu Hurairah (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “The guests of Allah are three: The Ghazi (i.e. the warrior who fights in Jihad), the Hajj (i.e. the pilgrim who performs Hajj) and the Mu’tamir (i.e. the pilgrim performing Umrah).” – Hadith No. 2626, Book of The Rites of Hajj, Sunan An-Nasa’i, Vol. 3.

Just imagine what a guest of Allah will enjoy! On the other hand simply contemplate that Allah is the host. And what a magnificant host. His grace and bounties are limitless. This is a magical moment to be in the company of Allah and his rewards. Once you visit and perform Umrah you will also realize and feel the inner gratitude, calmness and peace. May Allah reward this gift to all. One of the top Umrah blessing for all Muslims.

The rational is simple. You have come so far to visit Him and have left so many things behind. Money, family and friends only to ask forgiveness. And for that, Allah will ensure He is the host of such a pilgrimage. Being a guest of Allah is a great advantage of Umrah. When will you be a guest of Allah?

Reward 2 – Removal of Poverty
Ibn Abbas (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Perform Hajj and Umrah consecutively; for they remove poverty and sin as bellows removes impurity from iron.”

And on many accounts and experiences of people that perform Umrah, they keep on telling us that this is certainly a wonderful reward and it comes unexpected. Millions of Muslims do not perform Umrah just to eliminate poverty. However, this is a blessing of Allah. People who witness and perform Umrah have found their financial problems crumble and a sound financial model kicks in. What a beautiful gift for all mankind!

Imagine getting richer. Removal of poverty is not only an Umrah blessing. But it is also a man advantage of Umrah. This advantage for this world and also the hereafter.

Reward 3 – Expiation of Sins
It was narrated that Abu Hurairah (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “From one Umrah to another is expiation for what comes in between, and ‘Hajj Al-Mabrur’ brings no reward less than Paradise.” Hadith No. 2630, Book of The Rites of Hajj, Sunan An-Nasa’i, Vol. 3; Hadith No. 2888, Chapters on Hajj, Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol. 4.

This particular reward is simply spectacular. Imagine simply performing the Umrah you will be graced and your sins forgiven. Where does that happen. Hence, when Allah gives you the time and opportunity to perform Umrah, you need to seek this reward earnestly. I personally love this particular reward. And the beauty is that this is not the first time only. All the times you visit, your sins will be expatiated. This is the beauty of Islam.

So, keep on begging for forgiveness and the rewards will come. This is the promise of Allah! Who does not want sins forgiven? All Muslims would love this to happen. This is a uniquer merit of Umrah. What other benefit of Umrah can Muslims ask of? Pardoning of sins is truly a “fazeelat’. “Fazeelat” refers to a blessing.

Reward 4 – Equivalent to Jihad for some Muslims
It was narrated from Abu Hurairah (RA) that Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Jihad of the elderly, the young, the weak and the women, is Hajj and Umrah.” – Hadith No. 2627, Book of The Rites of Hajj, Sunan An-Nasa’i, Vol. 3.

For this Jihad is one of the greatest feasts and actions of Man. Jihad is of many types. However, the importance of Jihad has been told and retold. Muslims of great honor and wisdom wish and beg for martydom and await a chance of Jihad. The reward of Jihad is shahadat. This is the magnitude and significance of Jihad.

So imagine what it will be like if this reward is equivalent to Jihad itself. This is the beauty of Islam. See through this hadith that Allah is giving this reward to the people who are not strong. And gives them hope and precious rewards.

Umrah is a blessing of Allah. And millions of Muslims need to perform Umrah to enjoy the inner satisfaction and calmness that comes with performing Umrah.

Other Benefits on Certain Occasions and Events
Umrah is not a singular event. Many Islamic scholars indicate that taking your parents and family do Umrah is also a great reward. Educating and enhancing the love of religion of Islam in family is a great reward itself. This is one of the many rewards people tend to get when they come to Umrah with family.

There is another great reward of performing Umrah during Ramadan.

Thirdly, going to Umrah and then performing some amazing deeds there is also a great blessing. You should never only take Umrah as the only reward. The reward begins you start and does not end till you come back. So take care, smile to people, pray and ask continuous forgiveness.


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