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I suppose I found this today because it's October 31st.  I'm much fonder of cemeteries in general than I am of Halloween, but glad it occasioned this book being promoted.  I'm sure I've seen more than my share of cemeteries, what with interests in genealogy, photography, travel & hunting down long-gone people who've interested me, old churches and places of cultural distillation that cemeteries tend to be.  I'm glad to see this one added to the list of directories, ones like 'Permanent Londoners'. 


Here's a blog post by the author.


In a few days I'll be off to immerse myself in burial places & practices of one country's ancient civilization so this was a timely discovery.  I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say once I'm back.  And another book to buy to keep me intrigued until the next trip.


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