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Since I am a travel blogger and a woman, I have been traveling to many countries around the globe. My solo trips have taught and trained me in keeping myself safe and secure. And after years of globetrotting experiences, I believe now I am capable of giving some good piece of advice to others. Especially to the solo woman travelers. The choice of traveling alone especially for a woman is not easy. Only those with the wildest adventurous streak can make it. But, when you will look back, between the screw-ups and beautiful moments, you will love your incredible adventures and amazing escapades. For that, I suggest you keep sharing your photos on your Instagram wherever you go. Though, not everywhere you will get an easy internet connection that you have at home with your Frontier Internet plans.

10 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

I’m going to enlighten you about some travel hacks to stay secure on the go. Stay put and stay safe!

10 Tips for a Female Solo Traveler to Stay Safe


  1. Dress like Locals
  2. Don’t Share your Accommodation Info with Anyone
  3. Say No to Getting Wasted
  4. If You Sense Something Uncomfortable Alone, Go For a Day Tour
  5. Read Situations
  6. Avoid Being Too “Forward”
  7. Book Certain Things in Advance
  8. Carry a Doorstop
  9. Get a Whistle
  10. Start Trusting your Instincts

Let’s elaborate on them.

Dress like Locals

While I totally support women dressing the way they want to in any part of the world, I would still give you a little realistic piece of advice. You are on the go for the sake of entertainment, adventure, and fun. Doing a little customization of your dressing shouldn’t hurt if it means avoiding nasty stares and staying safe. Especially if you are in a conservative country. One of the best traveling lessons that I want to share with you is to blend in. Blend in with the locals and they will make you feel totally safe and comfortable. The dressing is perhaps the first thing anyone notices. Do your bit of research about the dressing and local customs of the country you are going to. Dressing like them will help you keep attention away if you are left alone on the road.

Don’t Share your Accommodation Info with Anyone

Take it as it is. If you are a woman traveling alone, you want random people that you meet on your hangouts your accommodation address. There is no need for anyone to know the address and name of your hotel. If you want to meet someone and mark a common point, let it be a local landmark. Not your hotel!

Say No to Getting Wasted

Getting drunk senseless is really not a good idea while you are traveling alone. It can expose you to tons of problems and you don’t want that.


If You Sense Something Uncomfortable Alone, Go For a Day Tour

I remember a traveling experience in Turkey right after an American tourist was murdered there. I experienced so much skepticism for solo traveling that I felt like taking a flight back. But, I chose to be stubborn and make the most of my tour. So, instead, I started taking tours. I went to markets and ferry rides in group tours and it helped me become comfortable.


 Read Situations

For a solo female traveler, reading situations and acting accordingly is essential. If you are sensing danger, harassment, or fear, you need to get out of there. Instead of getting nervous, always remember to act and get away from such a place. Forget about being offensive and rude. Nothing matters more than self-preservation.


Avoid Being Too “Forward”

In many countries, the local cultures and people recognize outgoing women as being ‘forward.’ This includes anything from being extra chatty with people, making eye contact different men on the street, being sensually dressed, and so on. I love being friends with locals but I have learned to avoid giving the impression of being ‘too friendly’ or ‘approachable’.


Book Certain Things in Advance

If you are reaching your destination at night, make sure you book certain essential things beforehand. You know your flight schedule; just book a cab and a hotel room online. You don’t want to wander around looking for a cab at 3 a.m. in the morning in a city in India.


Carry a Doorstop

It might sound a little dramatic but it really is one of the best tips. Solo female travelers should essentially carry a doorstop. It won’t take much space in your luggage but it will keep you safe in your hotel room even if the door is flimsy. You can make sure no one comes in.


Get a Whistle

In addition to a doorstop, carrying a travel safety whistle is a great idea too. you never know when you get into a situation where you need to blow it to draw attention. Just in case!


Start Trusting your Instincts

As your solo travel experience will increase, you will develop better instincts. Traveling gives you a lot of exposure and you get to experience different situations and people. Start trusting your instincts and you are good to go.

Don’t be discouraged by this safety check. The solo traveling has a lot to offer. And you will learn a lot in time. So, book a solo flight with one of your Frontier bundles and enjoy the experience!


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  • 10 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers
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