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A blessed land of tropical paradise where there are so many trails for you to choose from. The heart of Indonesian culture, vibrant people, stunning landscapes and breathtaking beaches. Name it, I'm sure bali has it all. Wanna go trekking? Check, Wanna engage in some thrilling adventures or water sports? Check. You can do so many things here, partying till the sun comes up is just a part of it all. With so many cultural checkpoints and monuments, you will be fascinated to know more about this place through the locals and the historic sites. Bali can never disappoint you even when it comes to shopping as it's very much affordable. So let me make it easier for you to choose bali by giving you various reasons to do so below. 

  1. Warmest hospitality and friendly locals - one thing at bali that will naturally make you want to visit is how well the balianese people take care of you. Locals are always interested in engaging conversations and helping you out in all ways they can. Making new friends here while you visit will be the easiest and will of course will make you feel at home. And I'm sure you will reminisce about this later once you get back home. With abundant hospitality and warm locals, you will surely want to visit bali time and again. 
  2. Shopping all day and night - shop till you drop can be taken literally here in bali. You can shop for souvenirs or do high end label shopping here as well. The infamous night markets that have quite the range of products and yummy food are also a must do. Souvenirs are very much affordable here, like the dupas, and silver jewels that are handmade by silversmiths. Pick up hand made traditional souvenirs and shop from stylist boutiques you will surely not be disappointed.
  3. Artistic hotspot - this island has an artistic vibe spreading across, there are numerous people engaging in various artistic fields. Performers, dances, traditional art makers and instrument players, galleries, designers around every corner. Clearly , the balinese are capable of creating art anywhere and everywhere.
  4. Lip smacking culinary - everyone loves food, especially in an island as culturally oriented like Bali you are bound to find delicious food almost everywhere. From fine dining with traditional recipes that have given birth to a distinctive cuisine to having street food, you can get allsorts of culinary experience here in bali. It is also a source of inspiration to a lot of international chefs who come down here to learn and create new recipes. Also if you're wondering about international menus, don't worry they have American, Mexican, Greek, Chinese, French, Indian, vegan or organic? They have it all.
  5. Affordable accommodations - there seems to be an abundance of hotels, resorts and villas, cheap hostels to choose from here in bali. So what's it going to be? Lavish resorts with villas or affordable hostels? Resorts with infinity pools or just private villas? Trust me you can find all under a roof at a very affordable price while you can also go for hostels as the developers have gone all in and created well-equipped properties for all.
  6. Your road to adventure -this island can never bore you, like quite literally has so many adventures to seek that even if you had to live here for all your life you would not be bored of doing these activities. You can try your hand at surfing, Jump from the cliffs, diving, paragliding and parasailing or a fulfilling hike. You could even camp in any of the beautiful lush forests here. You can seek the sea in any islands of bali.
  7. Religious Scene - bali is a spiritual land at its heart, mostly filled with hindus who tend to have a small temple inside their house. Bali is a land of temples, you can find one overlooking the sea while the other may be high on top of the mountain. Tours of temples are quite popular among the tourists and the locals as it shows people the religious value and cultural insight of this land and hence temples in bali is definitely a must visit.
  8. Cultural practices - ceremonies and celebrations that are held throughout the year are taken very seriously by the balinese people, the land of beauty is beyond just its looks. You could join and be a part of the celebrations too if you happen to visit during that time. The monster parade and kissing parade and many more among the traditional cultural traditions that are practiced. Bali’s culture can also be thoroughly enjoyed through its music, dance and live performances across the islands.
  9. Natural landscapes - glorious mountains, lush green forests, iconic waterfalls and lakes, rice fields, craters and canyons, sacred rivers are a sign of the abundance of natural beauty in this land. Most definitely bali extends beyond just its beaches to these beautiful landscapes out of which a lot has been untouched and undiscovered as well. You can absolutely find any kind of natural beauty here and the views will make it all worth it.
  10. Iconic beaches - bali will also have a never ending list of beaches, well you gotta choose wisely. Every beach has its own way of charming people. Beaches here have limestone cliffs, white sands, pristine and emerald waters which will be your paradise in the Indonesian archipelago. You can also discover untamed beaches in hidden spots if you're lucky, and obviously you wouldn't want to miss the mainstream beaches in kuta and nusa dua. There will always be a beach for everyone! 

These reasons will definitely make you consider to keep Bali on top of your list of the places to visit, if not head on for a Bali tour package and check out the beautiful islands and the activities to do and dive into planning your vacation right away! 

Zoe Veer, a Bali trip travel consultant at Pickyourtrail and an avid traveller and writer herself. She aims to reach out to more people with her travel stories and hopes to influence them and make them travel.

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