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One of the experiences while traveling around the world is the opportunity to have just the right bargain purchases. The Seoul shopping street is one of the least explored regions of the world, and there are not many references to good spots to shop around. Thus it would be convenient to know where to move around in case a bargain purchase has to be done.

1. Hongdae Shopping Area

This is meant to be the shopping area for the young at heart with some very colorful rendering of clothes of all shapes and sizes too. The shopping site could well epitome the true spirit of freedom of expression with a wide range of colors and sharp designs at hand. There is the weekly Monday market which is just the time and spot to make the huge purchases. Each of the shops in the area has a discount table or counter placed at the front which is just the place to locate a good bargain.

2. Dongdaemun

Imagine being able to shop for just the right stuff and at wholesale prices too. That is essentially what Dongdaemun seeks to provide the shoppers to the area. With the traders keen to fulfill the bulkiest orders, few other options provide the kind of value the venue can. The shopping area is known to be well lit and with very attractive colors too.

3. Myeongdong

What sets out the shopping area here is the range of skin care options and treatments too. There really is no season to find deals at the shopping area. Some of the most sought-after skincare brands can be had at this Seoul shopping street right throughout the year.  Essentially this is a market for stuff Korean, and it is convenient to have such a large area for the merchandise. Most shops do provide free samples, and this must be put to good use too.

4. Gangnam Goto Mall

An all covered shopping area that does not leave shopping at the mercy of the elements. The good part of the mall is built underground and free from the noise of the outside world. The easy access to the metro train journey makes getting to and from the mall a simple affair. The striking feature of the mall must be the wide range of merchandise available on sale; right from the high-end material to the more affordable ranges as well.

5. Namdaemun Market

The market is dominated by the producer sellers who get to offer a good deal most of the time. Margins are on the lower side but are made up by the huge volumes that each store notches up each day. The festival occasions are to be noted for the hordes of bargain hunters that make the descent on the area. Few people could help but take in the bright lights and decorative festoons which get to decorate most shop entrances and doors.

6. Insadong

A must visit for the souvenir hunters in the tourists' groups. There is a fair range of goods done in paper and cloth. What would be noteworthy is that it is possible to find something that would match every taste and preferences. Spread around the area is the traditional tea houses that make a good spot to make a stop over from time to time. Some rather strange tea preparations to be savored too.

7. Lotte Department Store

Few shopping experiences can match the ones at the large department stores at any tourist venue. The Lotte department store is more than just huge, offers choices few other venues have all under a single roof. Intending to promoting trade and to use electronic payment systems, there are the discounts on offer to the branded card holders. To help air travelers, the store provides with sealing machines which help protect luggage contents from potential spillovers during the travels. Some conveniences like free transfer of purchased goods to the airport come to be handy to use.

8. Ewha Women's Shopping Street

This location is situated in the university campus of the women's university in Seoul. Although the focus in on providing the ladies materials and merchandise, each shop focuses on getting the most sales no matter the customer. The aim is to provide for the young and trendy, who not only looks for the bargains but can be choosy in what they pick out. There are the food stalls that provide more than the occasional bites and refreshments.

9. Common Ground

When an entire shopping experience needs to be on bargains, then this would be the most suited of shopping options. The aim of keeping costs to the least is personified by the use of old discarded containers to have the shops done with. There is every attempt to provide a cost-effective shopping area that has just the right varieties to choose from. However, at the same time, there is a focus to bringing in the latest trends and not stick to pushing the old styles.

10. Garosugil

If someone is seeking to find a traditional village shopping experience, then this would be the most suited options to use. The neatly laid out streets are not only kept sparkling clean, but every effort is taken to provide a memorable shopping experience too. The chock a block arrangement of the streets would mean that the shoppers need not spend time trying to get from one shop to the other. This is rather a compactly arranged street make up.

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