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Packing for your next trip can be a tedious task, but it will be worth it when you're zipping around the world with all of your belongings in one neat little travel bag. Whether you're going on an extended vacation or just taking a quick weekend getaway, these tips and tricks are sure to help you out.

1. Know the Weight Limit

Gone are the days of going to the airport with an overstuffed and overweight bag. For their legal reasons, Airlines have strict limits on how much you can bring on board, and if your bag is over those weight limits, you could end up being charged for excess luggage. Before you go ahead and purchase that pricey carry-on bag, weigh your stuff first to make sure it'll all fit!

2. Pack the Essentials

It's important to make sure that you bring your essentials on every trip. Now, when we say essentials, this doesn't mean that you have to bring a toothbrush and hairbrush with you. It means that you have to make sure that you have packed your basic clothes and most-used items. This can include your electronics (if you don't already live off of them), toiletries (though remember the three-ounce limit for liquids, gels, and aerosols), medications, and more.

3. Pack Accordingly

Just because you're going on vacation doesn't mean that you have to pack in your whole house! Pack a certain, essential set of clothing in one bag so that you can use it for any given trip. For example, if you're planning on visiting family for the holidays, bring along a nice winter coat and some clothes to go out at night. And, on the same note, if you're going away for work and want to be prepared for that, pack business attire. If you are looking into a beautiful getaway, you may want to pack resort wear.

4. Bring Layers

It may seem like it will be too heavy for you to pack all of your items in layers, but when you're at the airport and see all of those people who are wearing their winter coats over a t-shirt and sweatpants, it makes a lot more sense! Layer up, bring an extra shirt or jacket with you.

5. Pack Your Items in Separate Ziplock Bags

You can save a lot of space by only packing your liquids, gels, and sprays in your ziplock bag. This is a good way to prevent them from being squeezed out of the bag on your flight or in your suitcase when you get off at your destination.

6. Tuck Electronics Into Their Own Pockets

If you're bringing a laptop or tablet with you, don't just stick it at the bottom of your bag. Please put it in its pocket, or even better, an empty cosmetic bag. This will help prevent it from breaking when you move around in your seat on the plane and from being crushed by heavy items on top of it in your suitcase.

7. Use a Shoe Cube for Wet Items

Dry cleaning bags are a great way to help keep your shoes and accessories protected, especially if they're wet or have a little bit of moisture in them. Please put them in a shoe cube and save yourself the hassle of washing your clothes when you come back from vacation.

8. Pack Formal Wear Separately

If you're going away for work, there's one particular item that you'll want to pack separately from the rest of your belongings: formal clothing. A jacket and a pair of slacks are better off in their bags so that you can transfer them from one suitcase to the other.

9. Don't Let Your Items Compound

If you're trying to minimize the amount of stuff you're bringing with you on the plane, don't forget about your liquids! Please keep them in ziplock bags and place them in a secure-fitting water bottle, such as a Camelbak. When you get off the plane, you won't have to stress about running to the bathroom and dropping your bag along with your liquids!

10. Pack a Blanket and Pillow

If you're planning on spending more than one night in a hotel, it may be a good idea to bring along an extra blanket and pillow. Hotels are notorious for making you pay an arm and a leg for an extra one, and if you're like most people, you may need it! Plus, if you're flying with a carry-on bag only, you may be able to bring your pillow and blanket from home rather than packing them.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, traveling with all of your belongings in a travel bag will help you stay organized and save yourself a lot of money and hassle. Remember, the most important thing is to be prepared! Packing is half of the fun, so make sure you stay organized and make your packing more enjoyable by bringing your most-used items with you. Enjoying the challenge that comes with packing everything while still getting to where you're going without causing too much stress to your purse or luggage!


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