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Think of Goa and you think of unlimited fun. The smallest state in India is titled as the most fun destination in the country. Blessed with a myriad of options for excitement, every holiday in Goa is memorable, no matter the number of times you have visited. From frolicking in blue waters to basking in the golden shores, from the secrets of the waters to excitements of the tropical land, Goa excites, surprises and tempts you each time.
For your next holiday in Goa, we have the checklist of the top 10 fun things to do in Goa.

1. Indulge in water sports

When you have access to the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and more than 50 beaches, you have a myriad of options of fun in the form of water sports. Indulge in the exciting activities like windsurfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat rides, yachting and many more. You can delight in the adventure with friends, family or by yourself. October to March is the best time to try out watersports.

2. Go gambling

The pleasures of Goa are unlimited and one of the exclusive ones is gambling. Try your lady luck at the casinos in Goa. Located on boats anchored at the Mandovi River, the casinos are spectacular. Get ready for action with live tables or with games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino War, 5 Card Poker, Texas Hold'em Poker, Mini flush, FlushRummy, or slot machines.

3. Dolphin spotting in Goa

Dolphins, the friendly beasts of the sea grace the waters of Goa in huge numbers. For a rendezvous with dolphins, there are many boat services which provide a dolphin spotting tour. The beautiful mammals greet you, show their wonderful tricks and you can also swim with them in the sea. The experience is sure to be a loved memory of your holiday in Goa.

4. Wildlife in Goa

Apart from the wild party side, Goa is also blessed with a thriving wildlife population. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary, Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir (Mollem) Wildlife Sanctuary and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the most popular ones. Spot indigenous species of the Western Ghats including unique bird Species on your safari.

5. Shop and hop at Saturday Night Market

Shopping in Goa is one of the fun things to do on your vacation. The sprawling Saturday night market in Arpora is a must visit place. Experience a different kind of a world, from typical stalls selling teas, spices, jewelry, fashion apparel, accessories to unique creations; the marketplace is flooded with shopping options.

6. Fun day with Elephants

Elephants are abundantly found in the nature blessed side of Goa. Few people know that these huge beasts are gentle beats. Spend a day with elephants as you ride them and have a fun splashing session with them. Loved and cared for, these elephants equally adore their humans and their visitors.

7. Unleash the hippie in you

A few decades back, Goa was a hippie haven. The Susegado Goa was idyllic for them and is till date. One of the fun things to do in Goa is to unleash the inner hippie-ness. Forget your schedules and just bask in the relax bliss of Goa. Take a break from your regular clothes and dress up in flowy cotton clothes. Get up to the first rays of the sun, take a refreshing swim anytime of the day, savor the fresh catch of the sea, take a nap in a hammock under the shade of palms and coconut trees and end the day with drinks grooving to the upbeat music dance the night away. Let go of your plans and let Goa enthrall you.

8. Luxury cruise

A luxury cruise in Goa is one of the things not to miss in the fun state. The Mandovi River presents the option of a memorable cruise so does the waters of Arabian Sea. The view of blue as far as the eye can see, the lavish comforts, wine, delicious food, dance and music performances aboard, get ready for a wonderful cruise. You can opt for a romantic cruise at sunset or a fun-filled outing with family.

9. Opt for a homestay in rural Goa

Exploring rural Goa is one of the fun experiences of the state. Stay in a homestay and be pampered by locals. Opening up their houses and their hearts, the Goans help you experience a very different and equally enjoyable side of Goa.

10. Road trip

Road trip in Goa is the very definition of fun. Imagine driving in an open roof car, the melody of waves, the breeze of the sea and a long road with no traffic but swaying palm trees. Get on the roads of Goa and experience the nomad life.


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