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Re: Nov. 8, 2018: Milano Centrale railway station

Paul Heymont ·
Actually, in passenger traffic, it's listed here as #8 in passenger traffic. Perhaps it's #1 in mainline traffic? Certainly #1 Gare du Nord and Gare de Chatelet, both in Paris, have heavy concentrations of commuter and regional passengers.
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Nov. 8, 2018: Milano Centrale railway station

DrFumblefinger ·
DrFumblefinger shares some views of Milan's busy Central train station, an example of "Fascist Architecture".

5 Promising Cities in the World for Talented Young Go-Getters

Jenny Hahn Masterson ·
Young people have different perspectives about great places to live when compared with other age groups. When you’re young, you often have a somewhat ambitious and innovative mindset that is fueled by the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, find new experiences and have the chance to interact with different cultures and interesting people. Now, where are the best places to find all of that? Tokyo, Japan Japan’s capital, Tokyo is a densely populated metropolis, so huge it’s...