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September 10, 2019: Monitor Lizards, Sri Lanka

Professorabe ·
Professor Abe shares some interesting photos and the tale behind these wrestling monitor lizards.
Blog Post

Mariners' Museum: Naval history in Newport News, VA

Jonathan L ·
Jonathan L takes us on a tour of the national maritime museum in Newport News VA

What You Should Know About Flying with High Blood Pressure

Jack Sparrow ·
With the Fall season quickly approaching, more people are starting to make travel plans for the holidays. Traveling, especially air travel can be stressful in itself, but if you are living with high blood pressure, it can be even more nerve-racking. Flying in high altitudes, even in a pressurized aircraft cabin, can pose an increased risk of hypoxia for people with hypertension. Hypoxia occurs when the body doesn’t have enough oxygen, which can result in swelling, blood clots, and damage to...

Re: September 10, 2019: Monitor Lizards, Sri Lanka

Richard Adams ·
Brilliant.My first moment in Sri Lanka was seeing a Kabaragoya sliding into a Dutch canal north of Negombo.