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Australia bans dumping in Great Barrier Reef

Paul Heymont ·
This is the sort of headline that makes you scratch your head. Of course, no one should be allowed to dump waste on one of the world's greatest and most endangered natural wonders.   And is not just that the Australian government has now...

Is It Illegal to Dump Grey Water on the Ground?

David James ·
If you’ve ever taken a family trip using the RV, or traveled on a sailboat, you’re probably somewhat familiar with what grey water is and understand that it should be deposited in a chemically safe manner. But for those of you who don’t know: simply put, grey water is water that has been used, whether in a bath, sink, washing machine, or a kitchen appliance. Besides being a bit gross, grey water poses a potential health hazard because it can eventually turn into black water, which is an...