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A Guide To: Family Activities in North Wales

Ruby Daub ·
Planning a short break or family day trip can sometimes be a stressful process. It can seem near impossible to find a destination, accommodation and activities that cater for the whole family. Thankfully, North Wales has a wide range of fantastic activities and quality family friendly B&B accommodation to suit your needs. For inspiration, here’s a list of four great family friendly activities to try on your next visit to North Wales. Criccieth Castle Whilst there are many castles in...

The Charm of the Most Beautiful Mountains Will Amaze You!

Kaitlyn Angles ·
Many people drive inspiration from different things. What is your inspiration> well, if you ask in your circle and social groups; you might end up in mountains. There are many fellows who take inspiration from the charm and beauty of mountains. Have you ever pondered about the gorgeous mountains that the world has stored for you? Yes, the world is full of wonders and beauties. When talking about landscapes, sceneries, mountains and hills; there are plenty of options that are absolutely...

Sardinia Holidays: The best areas of Sardinia for the perfect summer

Daniel Moore ·
The magical island of Sardinia stands out for its beautiful beaches and impressive landscapes, for its ancestral traditions and its famous horse races, also for the festivities of Sant Efisio (in Cagliari) and we cannot forget the famous “Cavalcata Sarda”. This island, located in insular Italy , give a warm welcome to all visitors who want to discover its magnificent cultural heritage. Sardinia offers a large array of leisure activities such as the opportunity for practising water sports,...

Explore The Historical City Of Athens!

Harrisonella77 ·
Popular for ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, mouth-watering delicacies and friendly warmth, Greece has been the most preferred destination in Europe. It comprises of hundreds of mountainous islands and all destinations offer a great experience. The stunning cultural delights, nightlife and landscapes surely offer a very good ambience for relaxation. Given below are few attractions that should not be missed in Greece Travel packages; 1. Ancient Cape Sounion! Dedicated to...

Italy itinarary

Jaydip ·
I went on a solo trip to Italy and Rome last month. I am sharing my Italy Itinerary to guide first-time visitors to Europe. Make your backpack with this Backpacking Europe Packing List One thing that was common in every place was beautiful churches and Frescos there. In Italy, they always believed in the balance so if a church is beautiful from outside, it's going to be very simple inside and vice versa. 1. Rome - For Rome trip, I think 3 to 4 is enough to make your trip plan . If possible...

10 honeymoon destinations in new zealand

Trip Town ·
If you want to move away from mainstream honeymoon destinations like Bali, Thailand and do something out-of-the-box, consider honeymooning in New Zealand. Words fall short when we describe how ethereal this destination is as a perfect honeymoon spot. There is endless variety of tourist attractions, some stunning views and much more. Whether you want to simply enjoy a laid back vacation at the beach, indulge your senses with the stunning scenery or drown knee-deep in the delectable cuisine...

Why is Australia the best country for vacation

Emily Wilson ·
This continent-size country, sitting at the edge of the world, is a perfect place for your next vacation. Why? In addition to having unique flora and fauna, it still has all the advantages of a highly - developed western country. And that is one of the best things about Oceania - it is a mix of urban cities and unspoiled nature . But as the country has a lot to offer, it is best to plan ahead, thus making the trip more memorable and less stressful. Travel and accommodation can be...

Re: Road trip advice: NYC to Chicago

DrFumblefinger ·
I'd make a loop trip of it, customized to your personal interests. One loop would take me up to the beautiful Niagara peninsula -- see the falls and other sights, perhaps visit your family in Toronto, the dip down through Detroit area to Chicago. On the other loop I'd personally make a point of seeing the Rock n Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland. Do let us know what you decide.