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Re: Prague: Fancy Rooftops, Flashy Facades

DrFumblefinger ·
I remember having the same feeling about Prague. A beautiful city of great architectural variety and all types of style. One of the more memorable views of the city is from up high, say from the observation deck of City Hall. The rooftops and towers are beautiful.

Traveling Details We Usually Forget All About

MorganRose ·
Travelling is an activity so exciting that travellers get so excited that they forget to pack even the essentials. Once you’ve gone on a holiday or two, it becomes clear which items get skipped regularly while packing. These might be details but the devil (of travel) is in the details. More often than not, the things you forget to pack are the ones you require the most, like sunscreen lotion or a Band-Aid. In other cases, we disregard some travel basic, such as the best time to travel during...
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Prague: Fancy Rooftops, Flashy Facades

Paul Heymont ·
Every city has memorable buildings and unusual architectural details, but I can't think of another city with such a wealth and variety as Prague.