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Re: Why you should go Sailing With Kids

Professorabe ·
My personal memories of boat journeys with kids involve our son hanging over the side being sick - with me closely behind!

Adventurous places to visit in India

Kerry ·
Life itself is a fun-filled adventure where we come across alternate twists and turns. Travelling is the best activity that helps us to find quick relief from our hectic schedules. India being blessed with an extensive land diversity, planning an adventurous trip here is something you should never miss on. Indian adventurous locations are characterized by high peaks, fascinating rivers, arduous mountain ranges, exotic wildlife. So, if you are ready to ditch in the boredom of your 9 to 5...

Learn about Yacht Sailing Experience in Greece ·
Greece has always been a beautiful country in the Mediterranean region. Several people visit this country year after year to have a wonderful vacation. Unfortunately, when large numbers of people gather on the streets, beaches and other places, many would feel tiresome and this suffocated feeling takes a lot of out of the enjoyment. In such a situation, you can depend on a reliable yacht charter Greece Company to enjoy an inspiring cruise experience. Refreshing experience and world class...

Why you should go Sailing With Kids

Tanya ·
Sailing has everything you want in a vacation in a single convenient package. There is so much you can do on a boat. But, every sailing vacation is always different. You can sail a yacht, relax on a beach, fish or explore an island. It also provides a good bonding platform with your family members. And sailing with your kids is one of the best things you can ever do. It provides treasured memories that they will forever cherish. You not only get a chance of repairing burned bridges, but you...
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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Sept. 18, 2013: Sailing the Seas in NY Harbor

Paul Heymont ·
The clipper ship Clipper City passes the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges in New York’s East River. Clipper City carries passengers on harbor cruises, leaving from the South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan.   The South Street Seaport...
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Best Sailing Destinations in the Caribbean

Marian Morgam (Guest) ·
Marian Morgam offers a few suggestions on which Caribbean islands are the best to visit by sailboat.
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Carnival might delay first USA cruise to Cuba in over 50 years

Travel Rob ·
Carnival announced they will delay May's launch to Cuba and subsequent sailings there until Cuba lifts rule that bars Cuba-born Americans from the trips.

Re: Best Sailing Destinations in the Caribbean

Marilyn Jones ·
Excellent article and gorgeous photos!!
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Jindabyne: Gateway to Australia’s Snowy Mountains

Barry Barford ·
All year round there’s something for everyone in this thriving alpine town that sits on the shores of picturesque Lake Jindabyne, at the edge of Australia’s Snowy Mountains.