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New Trains for Egypt

Barry Barford ·
Egypt’s train services are about to receive a major boost with two new initiatives in progress. New trains built by a Russian-Hungarian consortium are joining the existing network and a brand new high-speed train line will be built, all adding up to a vastly improved experience for tourists who like to travel by train. Egypt was the site of Africa’s first railway in 1854 and although there have obviously been numerous upgrades since then, the network is starting to show its age. Accidents...

Re: New Trains for Egypt

Amateuremigrant ·
For many travellers, Egypt has been for years a one-trick pony; up and down the Nile by one means or another covered 99% of tourism until the Red Sea and Sinai started to develop resorts. This will undoubtedly expand work opportunities in the major industrial centres for the burgeoning young population.