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Re: Tips on Getting FF Seats.

PHeymont ·
That's good advice in her column! I've often had success calling back when I didn't get the "right" answer the first time helps...and the night shift often has the most experienced agents. Other useful tips, aside from being the most pleasant if sadly disappointed customer they've had all day: Plan early, book early. If you really want to fly to Paris in late July on the cheapest FF tickets, your best bet is late August: the airlines generally open seats 330 days ahead, and if you can be...

Tips on Getting FF Seats.

PortMoresby ·
I've always liked Wendy Perrin's column in Conde' Nast Traveler magazine.  Often she discusses things from a point of view with a bigger budget than my own, but today's newsletter points us to her tips on how to help get the airline award seats...