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Why Your Next Trip Should Be in Santa Barbara

santa-barbara-courthousesanta-barbara-missionview-from-santa-barbara-rentalLocated northwest of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara provides just about everything a traveler could desire in California. Whether you want to layout by the beach, golf, engage in a long hike in the Mountains, or just lounge around the Downtown area, there is something for just about everyone. It sits right between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Santa Barbara boasts a heavy Spanish influence that can be seen from the stucco buildings and red-tiled roofs. 

Weather here is nothing short of extraordinary. Influenced by a Mediterranean climate, and Spanish culture,  it's highly recommended. 

Unlike many parts of California, it's not crowded,  and is sought after by many people who like life at a slower pace. 

Activities in Santa Barbara

  1. Hiking
  2. Surfing
  3. Kayaking
  4. Sightseeing
  5. Golfing

How to Get Here

Travelers coming here have a couple different options. LAX is about 95 miles southeast. Now that may not sound like a far distance, when you factor in traffic, you will need to budget at least 2 hours to get here. 

However, Santa Barbara does have it's own airport. Although it's more expensive, and probably requires that you connect from LAX, it's well worth it. Flight time from LA to Santa Barbara is under 20 minutes. 

Notable Attractions. 

The Santa Barbara Courthouse is one of a kind. This is one of the few courthouses in the United States where weddings are sought out. The grounds are breathtaking.  The architecture is quite stunning, along with its mild temperatures (there is no air conditioner in the courthouse) that can be found throughout the year including July and August

Southern California has some of the best beaches in the state. Beach goers can spend all day at  Goleta Beach Park. With great access to the beach, pier, and nearby restaurants, you can plan on spending all day here. 

We did mention that Santa Barbara has spectacular hiking options. What other resort towns can offer a beach and hiking setting in the same location?

Lu Cumbre Peak offers elevation that approaches 4,000 feet along with surreal panoramic views of the coastline. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you as its a moderate hike. Also the sun shines bright here, so load up the sunscreen as well.

Arroyo Burro Beach Loop

Of course there are also easier to moderate trails that are just as satisfying for those that want to take it a bit easier. It's also a pet friendly trail. 

Santa Barbara Mission

Not to be missed is the Old Mission Santa Barbara. Founded in 1786 it's a historical landmark that shouldn't be missed. Complete with a church, a museum, and a gift shop, it's highly recommended place of interest. 

Water Activities

Be sure and bring your wetsuit. Water temperatures are still cold in the summers. But surfing, swimming, and a kayaking are all readily available to everyone. 

Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals

When it comes to picking a place to stay for your trip, Santa Barbara like the majority of cities in California, have plenty of hotels, Airbnb's,  and short term apartment rentals to choose from. Choose from quaint cottages that sleep 2, or large rentals that offer incredible views of the skyline, ocean, and Mountains. 

Imagine waking up to your first cup of coffee and looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows that open up with incredible ocean views!

As you can see Santa Barbara offers the total package that certainly deserves your time and attention. 


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  • view-from-santa-barbara-rental: Santa Barbara ocean view
  • santa-barbara-mission: santa barbar mission
  • santa-barbara-courthouse: Santa Barbara courthouse
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