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What’s on in Hong Kong: Upcoming Events to Look Forward To


Hong Kong events and festivals include more than the various list provided by bloggers. The most popular among them are international performance night and Chinese New Year. Also, float exhibitions, plus fireworks in addition to Christmas or winter festivals, are famous. These festivals encompass literature, films, art, and books held in the city. If you are interested in festivals, you can indulge in a Hong Kong tour for your next vacation.

List of Hong Kong events and festivals

Of all the festivals for which Hong Kong is famous, a few are listed below. The various features of these festivals make them an attractive alternative for visitors. Hence, contemplate each option in considerable details

  • Macau Chinese and Hong Kong New Year Eve: for individuals in Macau and Hong Kong, a very powerful custom is to offer fresh flowers, bouquets, and potted plants as gifts on Chinese New Year. The flower symbolizes good luck in different regions during events in Hong Kong.

  • Chinese New Year international performance night: the international parade conducted on Chinese New Year is the largest celebration during the end of the year. In the year 2019, performers came from different parts of the world to participate in the parade.

  • Fireworks on Chinese New Year: the second day following spring festival Holidays exhibits fireworks, flying all over The Victoria Harbour. They are coordinated, with lights, and an incredible show of music for about half an hour.

  • Hong Kong art festival: the art festival conducted in Hong Kong has proved to be a unique cultural fest for international and local visitors. In 1973, and since then, numerous world-class dance and music performances got demonstrated during the festival.

  • The Hong Kong International Film Festival: another vast attraction of Hong Kong is the International Film Festival conducted here. Those individuals who have a taste for art and film can choose this option. It is here that filmmakers showcase their works of high-quality entertainment. It is a crucial platform for not only Asian filmmakers but individuals from all across the globe.

  • The dragon boat festival: Hong Kong is also known for the annual festival, also called the dragon boat festival. It is the world’s largest dragon vote event, which encompasses a race. Several dragon boats actively participate in the festival, which gives the tourist a unique chance of experiencing local customs.

  • The Hong Kong winter festival: the festival is held every year by the Hong Kong tourism administration to attract more visitors. During the festival, the streets get decorated with lights and colorful decorations, and there are numerous New Year events and Christmas celebrations showcased.

Apart from this, the Hong Kong summer shopping season and book fare are other attractions of this region. Hong Kong is a place that exhibits an amalgamation of arts, culture, celebrations, and events. In Hong Kong, the mid-autumn festival is famous for its contemporary art show, fire dragon dance, and Lantern carnivals. Hong Kong is also known for the Christmas events and their details. During Christmas, sales and dinner parties are a vast attraction.

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