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What It Means To Buy A Timeshare Rental?

Purchasing a timeshare can be an exciting time for your family, however since timeshares are often an impulse purchase it can also be a stressful time.

Often owners become very confused on what to do when they can no longer use their Marriott Weeks or Destination Club Points. So, here we are sharing a few basics about timeshare rentals that will help you figure out ways to make best use of these purchases and get out these whenever you feel like. In case, you plan to purchase a timeshare in near future for a place where you can take a vacation regularly, you first need to know about the types of timeshares that are available in market. There are four types of timeshare that are available for now:


  1. Fixed Week: Under this type, the buyer has the right to a specific unit of a vacation property for the same week or complete year of purchase. It is predictable but also very flexible plan but also has an element of boredom. You may want to move up to some other place, so the fixed rate timeshare owner has the right to rent out their block of time or trade with it other owners having some other properties. This type of package works best if someone wishes to be at the highest desired location.


  1. Floating: Under this category, the buyer is allowed to reserve their own time for a specific part of year. It is a more flexible options as compared to last one mentioned here. But it is difficult to get fixed time on a location all the time when some other shareholder might snap prime period.


  1. Right-To-Use: With the help of this arrangement, the buyer is able to lease property for a fixed time every year for multiple years. The developer is able to maintain ownership of that property.


  1. Points Club: This one is very much similar to floating timeshare, but buyer can always stay at different locales depending on the points they have collected from buying timeshare into specific property or buying points from club. If you have ever heard of Marriott points resale you will understand what they are talking about.


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