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Traveling Details We Usually Forget All About

Travelling is an activity so exciting that travellers get so excited that they forget to pack even the essentials. Once you’ve gone on a holiday or two, it becomes clear which items get skipped regularly while packing. These might be details but the devil (of travel) is in the details.

More often than not, the things you forget to pack are the ones you require the most, like sunscreen lotion or a Band-Aid. In other cases, we disregard some travel basic, such as the best time to travel during the day or checking if we have turned all the appliances back home. Such and other details are the ones that get skipped most often.

Staying hydrated

Even when we are at home we forget the importance of hydration. That’s why many people don’t drink water at all or they drink a litre at once. The trick to staying hydrated is sipping water all day. This becomes imperative once you hit the road because the human body cannot go long without water. On average, we should drink 2 litres of water per day or more, depending on our body weight. Get one of those reusable water bottles and fill them up every time you get a chance.


A first aid kit

Your car probably comes equipped with a first aid kit. However, if you are travelling by bus or place, you most likely forget that an auxiliary first aid kit is needed. Even the one you store in your car is not well-stocked so a custom first aid kit should be mandatory. Pack some bandages, ibuprofen for fever, some probiotics, cold medicine, and some painkillers. When you’re on the road or in a foreign land, you might not have immediate access to a pharmacy or a hospital so the first aid kit you compile will serve as a lifeline.

Almighty wet wipes

Recent concerns over the environmental impact of wet wipes should not scare you off. Yes, throwing them down the toilet is not a good idea but they are still ideal for travel. Wet wipes provide you with the opportunity to clean your hands on the go. If you are driving through the wilderness you won’t make many toilets breaks so wet wipes will prove crucial for maintaining personal hygiene.  Add some handkerchiefs and a hand sanitizer to get the ultimate combo for staying healthy on your travels.


Stating the obvious: the passport

People who don’t travel often are more likely to give more attention to travel preparations. However, the fact that they haven’t traveled much means that they can forget some pretty basic stuff, like travel documents. Yes, you won’t be the first person to have arrived at the border without their passport. With all the details involved in packing, travellers forget the most important thing if travelling abroad. That is why a short checklist that would place the passport at number 1 couldn’t hurt.

The best time to travel during the day?

“We’ll departure at 11 PM and arrive at 6 AM, ideal!” How many times have you heard such a phrase from people who were planning their holiday? Travelling during the night has certain advantages but it comes with many perils as well. However, if you are driving your own car, then it is much safer to travel during the day. Time your journey carefully, as the weather won’t be the same at 1 PM or at 7 PM. All in all, the best time of the day to travel is yours to decide but you need to take into account as many factors as possible. 


Proper clothing

Whether people are travelling for pleasure or for business, they forget that a change of climate is involved. You would be surprised how many travellers heading for a summer resort forget to pack sandals, T-shirts, and shorts. Also, it is worth checking the weather forecast for the region of the world you are travelling to. This will help you indicate what type of clothing to pack.

Regardless of your destination, a raincoat is considered mandatory. There is hardly a place on the planet Earth, sans the large deserts, where it doesn’t rain. Even your summer holiday can feature a rainy day so you’ll be happy you brought raincoats for you and your family.

Seeing the glasses

Finally, if you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, don’t forget to pack them. We feel obliged to state this because many people leave the house in a rush and leave the eyeglasses on the counter. Once they try to read a sign at the airport they realize what they have forgotten but by then it’s too late to go back. Forgetting your prescription glasses is tricky because you can’t just enter a store and buy a new pair. Also, if you’re travelling to a sunny destination, don’t forget to pack your sunglasses. 


The 7 details listed here are the ones that occur the largest number of times. However, the more and more you travel, you will learn about all the details that need to be taken care of. Until then, try not to forget your passport and drive safe!

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