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Tips to travel with your lovable dog in Air-Plan

Fortunately for dog owners, these animals travel by air better than cats. If your dog used to travel by car, air travel should not be a problem at all. Use the following dog air travel tips for safe and enjoyable flight travel with your best furry friend.

Certificate your dog's health before air travel

Not only is air travel the best dog for your dog if the dog is in good health, but it is actually the law. Federal law requires that the dog be approved within 10 days of the trip to enjoy good health, vaccination and free from contagious diseases. This is very important for any pet, large or small.

Avoid excessive temperatures

Check the safety of the dog while flying by not flying with the dog while the temperature is above 85 degrees or less than 35 degrees on either end of the trip. Many aircraft have developed a "thermal ban" and / or "cold ban" on dog air travel during the summer and winter months respectively. This means that aircraft prohibit air travel to the dog during these times. This should not be seen as a problem, because airlines do so to prevent illness or death and ensure a safe trip for your dog.

Traveling overseas in the air may involve quarantine

For international dog air travel, keep in mind that some isolated countries, such as New Zealand and England, are flying animals. Before traveling and booking, familiarize yourself with the laws, requirements and procedures of your destination. Unless your trip is non-stop, remember that you may have to deal with regulations in multiple places.

Do not calm your dog during air travel

Although reassurance may seem a good idea during air travel for dogs, it is not. Sedatives are the leading cause of death or illness of dogs during air travel. The dog can not receive immediate or professional medical care during air travel, so unnecessary drugs are more harmful than good. In fact, many aircraft reject sedative pets as a precautionary measure of safety.

Obedience during dog air travel

Train your dog before air travel is the best way to ensure a good trip. Unfortunately, short air travel means separation hours between owners and their dogs (except service dogs). Your average dog will be limited to a large on the freight box for the entire trip.

You can help to give up the stress and discomfort on your dog by preparing it for dog air travel in advance. Do this by getting your dog being inside the travel cage for long periods of time. Also, make sure that the dog works well with strangers, ie in crowded, hectic, or uncomfortable environments. This will do miracles to travel with a great furry companion.

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