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The call of the wild: Things to do and see in Uganda

Been itching to go on an adventure of late? Dreams of deep, dark woods and the call of the wild keeping you up at night? Cannot wait to pack up your bag and leave in search of the unknown? If your answer to at least two of those questions is a resounding yes, it is safe to assume that you have been chosen to live the African dream.  Where mysteries come alive and the woods are filled with cooing of peculiar birds, such as the land of Uganda.  Uganda Adventures and its stories are what novels are made of. And if you have the opportunity to answer this primal call, you must not think twice. Because when Uganda calls, all dreamers must answer.

 Things to do and see on a Ugandan safari

Over three hundred species of mammals inhabit the wild woods and grasslands of Uganda. And while none of them falls under the critically endangered category, seven of them are endangered, over sixteen of them are threatened, and two are quite vulnerable. This list includes the big five baddies that you need to see at least once in your lifetime. From the tree-climbing lions to the world’s tallest animal and rarest subspecies to buffaloes and rhinos and gorgeous zebras, you can see them all during your tour.

But other than meeting and greeting all these amazing species of animals and birds, you can also go to the Murchison Falls and watch it tumble down the cliffs and crash into the crystalline white foam. You can also go for white water rafting down the river Nile. But if you are looking for more thrill, that is not all you can do. There are several hiking trails that will let you meander through impenetrable looking woods like the true explorers of old. Or you can bid your fear of heights goodbye and go bungee jumping.

Not sure about going yet?

If you are afraid that an Ugandan adventure will drill an irreparable hole into your pockets, don’t worry. Uganda has your back. A safari is the most popular thing to do in Uganda and, while it sounds quite pricey, it is not always so. Last we checked, a gorilla safari permit in Uganda merely costs about six hundred dollars. You can save or splurge money when it comes to accommodations. If you are going for the luxurious retreats that leaves you feeling pampered, you have places that will cost you about nine hundred dollars. But in case you are looking to save money, there are also options that start from a mere hundred and fifty dollars.

If you are going for a three-day safari trip to Bwindi, it should roughly cost you about twelve hundred dollars per person. Places like Queen Elizabeth and Murchison will cost you about a thousand dollars each if you keep saving money wherever you can. And since there is a high chance that you won’t be travelling alone, costs will go down way further. The rooms are cheaper when shared. You can save as much as three hundred dollars when travelling with another person.

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