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Spend Your Summer Vacation in South America

The massive continent of South America is so rich with culture and ripe with breathtaking scenery that it’s considered the Holy Grail for travelers. South America is a destination that caters in any kind of traveler; whether you want to trek the many backpacking trails, have a fun-filled wilderness experience, or go on one of the many outdoor adventures.

Spending your summer vacation in South America, during the southern hemisphere’s winter, is a favorable option because it will allow you the chance to truly explore what this magical content has to offer. Not to mention that the weather will be great, unlike their very hot and dry summer months; a chance to escape your own summer heat. Visiting South America during their winter months is off-season, so you’ll get a chance to visit places with less crowds and you’ll take advantage of deals and tours offered at a lower price range than in high seasons. Whether you’re soaking up the ancient cities in Peru or hiking in Argentina, you can find everything you need in this guide on spending your summer in South America.

Hit the slopes in Chile and Argentina

One of the coolest experiences you can go through is skiing in August! South America is home to the best skiing resorts in the world. Santiago, in Chile, tends to attract many skiers and snowboarders for its thrilling slopes. Argentina is also a great choice for skiing, along with stunning views of the snow-capped Andes. Argentina is also a great option for ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier and hiking through the gorgeous town of El Chalten.

Visit top attractions at ease in Peru and Ecuador

The best thing about visiting South America off-season, is that the top attractions have less crowd. This gives you a chance to truly explore the site and take better pictures than you would have at an overly crowded tourist spot. Take in the ancient culture at Machu Picchu in Peru. Go early in the morning to see the sunrise over its green peaks and trek about the ancient Inca ruins under the warm and blissful sunny June day. You can also visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador for an authentic wilderness experience. Take a cruise around the 19 islands to see barren volcanos, gorgeous greenery and exotic wildlife.

Soak up the Sun in Colombia

If you’re in the mood for a beach destination, then Cartagena in Columbia will be the ideal spot. Even though it’s winter, South America does land on the equator after all. Cartagena offers up fantastic sandy beaches and gorgeous Caribbean waters. The old town is colorful with colonial buildings and cobbled-stone streets where you can take strolls along the Spanish-built walls.

Rio: More than just a capital

The beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is loved by anyone who visits it. It offers a wide variety of activities of any kind of traveler. Famous for its sandy beaches and wild nightlife, Rio also offers a chance to soak up culture with numerous galleries, festivals as well as outdoor activities. Hiking in Rio’s largest urban forest with stunning mountains is an experience you shouldn’t pass on.

Make a stop at gorgeous waterfalls in Venezuela and Brazil

South America boasts some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the world. Angel Falls in Venezuela has the deepest fall as its 979 meters high, making it the highest waterfall in the world. For another breathtaking experience, visit the Iguazu Falls. The cascading waterfall is one of the world’s stunning waterfalls. Its 275 separate waterfalls lie on the border of Brazil and Argentina among gorgeous greenery.

South America off-season is one experience you need to try. It allows you to truly discover the beauty this continent has to offer. You’ll be able to do it all; ski or sunbathe or go on a wilderness adventure. There’s a lot to soak up in South America as the dynamic, diverse and culturally rich continent will definitely give you a trip of a lifetime.

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