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Proven Tips that Guarantee Unforgettable Train Travel during Winter

Trains are the best mode of travel when going on a holiday during winter or any other season. It is fun to travel on a train since you do not need to put on your seatbelt throughout your journey. If you want to stand up, lie down or walk inside the train, you are allowed to do it as you travel. Train travel eliminates the limit on the amount of luggage that you carry. When travelling by train, you enjoy limitless storage spaces so there is no maximum weight limit on luggage. Don’t you just love enjoying breath-taking sceneries when travelling? Railway lines meander through beautiful terrains which are sure to leave you tongue-tied. The glimpse of the changing beautiful landscapes prepares you for your destination. You, however, need to prepare well before travelling for you to have a memorable journey.

train travel during winter in India
Train Travel during winter in India



You need to keep warm during winter. Since trains allow passengers to carry as much luggage as they wish, you can pack as much as you need. Dress in layers during the journey since you do not know the exact temperature of your destination. Wear the bulkiest clothes so as to make your load light and more convenient to carry outside the train. Before you start the journey, confirm your PNR status. It is so discouraging to pack and carry your luggage only to find out that your ticket was not confirmed for the journey.

Book your Ticket as Early as Possible

Train ticket booking takes a very little amount and there are convenient ways of booking. You can book the ticket even months before the travel date. This is especially important if you are planning to travel during busy time periods. After booking, you need to follow up so as to be sure that your booking has been confirmed. A train ticket is either confirmed, RAC or in the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, you cannot board the train unless the people ahead of you are confirmed and there is space for you. As for RAC, you can board the train only if there is an available berth for you. If you are on RAC, book your ticket as there is a high chance you will travel. Unfortunately, if you are on the waiting list and your name is too far, do not book a ticket. There is a high chance you will not get space. If you book then cancel later, you might be required to pay a cancellation charge.

Safety through your Journey

If you are travelling for a long distance avoid wearing valuable jewellery. If you have other valuable items such as a laptop, make sure you keep it close to your head. Avoid putting your luggage away from your sight like below your seat or close to your feet. If there is an empty seat opposite you or storage opposite you, then store the luggage there.

Comfortable Journey

How long is your journey? If it is far, carries a book, movie or some music to keep you entertained during the journey. You may also need to carry a camera if you like taking photographs. Take advantage of the train running status if you want to know the exact location at any time during the journey. Unlike for PNR status, you do not need to have an internet connection to check your train running status.

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