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Penang National Park


From the time the bus starts winding up the picturesque coastal route towards PNP, you are filled with a sense of deep wonder and fulfilment, especially if you have come here after the chaos and despair of the CoVid pandemic. The green just blows you away…

But then, you come down to Earth with a thud and realise that you have to walk a mile or so to the park entrance!

But your senses are rejuvenated once more as you embark on a jungle trek through thick foliage and sometimes slippery trails, to be rewarded with the beauty and bounty of nature.

So I’ll leave you here with just the pictures and let you imagine what it would be like for you too, enjoy!

In serial order they depict the to and fro journey to Pantai Kerachut (Turtle Beach) and the Meromictic Lake, which takes just under 3 hours on an average.



Images (16)
  • 4D0EE61E-1FA3-4E3E-A4FF-DE9070C1BE76: Park entrance
  • 74D78F88-1B36-417A-B315-8B29A09C59BF: Bark!
  • F4291DD3-8A43-4665-89CD-078A0C08B52B: The Jungle Nook
  • 57E9CDB2-ABB6-4660-8DF6-22CFCA5EC6F5: The Music Stream
  • 635D5F97-1F84-44A3-9C42-57C896586D6D: Meromictic Lake
  • 0D602366-5E41-4782-BB73-3844305F2471: Casuarinas on the Beach
  • 483A2129-2CAF-47F0-9912-36F1B63AC71F: Where Meromictic Lake joins Deep Blue Sea
  • 78BFE368-BD0F-4799-A47C-2AABD3167546: Foliage Variety!
  • A09C13C6-9C0A-40B7-B6F6-B12B4A5A825C: Light from Heaven
  • 82F06D47-7C84-4246-94A3-DF98331D69C6: Paths that stray
  • A482DDA7-EA95-49D4-AEDA-A532FAEB617F: Rooted!
  • 017F40A2-6966-4B5C-B72C-9D1FEEE5EF49: And Dappled.
  • BFC9EE91-28F8-40E8-A46C-F0086C23D0DE: Vantage point
  • 96199926-0F57-4DFC-833F-F158292CB621: Rest assured.
  • 1618E9A6-F7AA-4324-985E-ADB7CB0AE3BF: No. Words.
  • 483A2129-2CAF-47F0-9912-36F1B63AC71F
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