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Most Amazing Beaches That Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List


If you are the one who loves travelling the world and scratching places to visit off your bucket list, then you must not forget about the beaches. Sure, cities are filled with culture and history, but beaches have a lot more to offer. They also have their own culture and history, but they also bring that tranquillity and stress-free life you probably need. So, if you’d like to visit some beaches during your lifetime, these few should certainly be on your bucket list.

Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles

This mesmerizing beach on Seychelles is located northeast of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. It is interrupted by groups of large granite boulders and it certainly looks marvellous and exotic. The nature on Seychelles is completely unspoiled and time goes slowly there, which leaves plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying your time at the beach. What is more, people there are calm and in no hurry and their main means of transportation are bicycles and oxcarts. The island itself hides marvellous gems and there is plenty to explore on this beach and enjoy all the secluded areas.

If you do decide to go here, you should consider going during the spring or fall, because the weather and heat are the best then. Plus, you can calmly explore every nook and cranny there during that time, since the winds are calmer and won’t disturb you. But no matter what time you decide to go, you are bound to be introduced to French and Creole influences which are very present near the beach.



Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Besides relaxation, beaches often offer numerous fun activities to experience and some breath-taking things to see. So, for example, at Playa Grande, you will have the opportunity to see leatherback sea turtles, since this is their world’s largest nesting ground. If you visit Costa Rica during their nesting season, you can see dozens of turtles that are smaller than the palm of your hand and watch them find their way to the Pacific Ocean.

What is more, Playa Grande is one of the biggest spots for surfing in the entire country and you can take up a lesson or two. Ideally, months between December and March are a perfect time for learning this skill. Plus, you can visit the nearby city of Tamarindo, which is a perfect spot for kayaking and bird watching.

Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach is famous for its pink hues, which actually comes from crushed corals. And it is certainly one dramatic and amazing sight to see! The colour contrasts of pink sands and clear blue-green waters truly speak serenity, so if you want to sunbathe at one of the most beautiful beaches, then this is it. What makes this even more calming are the slow clashes of waves against the shore and almost empty beach. There is not much traffic, nor many people, so this truly is heaven on earth.

The absolute best time to visit Pink Sands Beach is December through April, and you can witness the most vibrant pink hues in the morning and evening. And since you’re there, make sure to snorkel in the calm shallow waters and enjoy the bars and restaurants filled with great food and drinks.


Pink Sands Beach

Panalu’u Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

A complete contrast to the Pink Sands Beach is this Black Sand Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii. This is truly something you should see because not every day is your chance to squish black sand between your toes. Every black grain of sand at Panalu’u is due to lava from nearby volcanoes, and as it explodes and hits the ocean it cools and leaves this mesmerizing black sand. However, since the beach is quite rocky, it’s not an ideal place for swimming, but for that reason, it offers other great things, such as unique sights of coconut palms and Hawaiian green sea turtles.

January through April is certainly the best time to visit Panalu’u since this is the peak time for whale-watching! Also, you can witness the cold freshwater from underground springs mix with salt water and enjoy the adjacent campground.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven Beach is probably one of the most photographed beaches in Australia. This is because of its swirling mix of blue water and gleaming white sand! It is near the Great Barrier Reef and it is definitely one of the cleanest beaches every. There are no dogs, no smoke and the sand there is nearly free of anything but silica. This cleanness is what gives this beach a squeaky clean shade of white and it’s never too hot for your bare feet.

Also, many people have gotten engaged here, especially on the boat ride or seaplane. And locals even help out the couples in love by writing the “Will you marry me” question in the sand. May through October is definitely the time to go there because that’s the peak time for seeing turtles and whales. Also, don’t forget to hike to Hill Inlet for some breath-taking views of crystal-clear waters and white sand.

Whitehaven Beach

Visiting breath-taking beaches is definitely something you should put on your bucket list. And speaking of those, these 5 beaches are something to see. So, make the bucket list for travelling, put these gems on it, pack your things and start crossing them off one by one, while making some unique memories.



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