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How to Travel Thailand like Royalty on a Budget

People the world over come to Thailand for its miles upon miles of beautiful beaches, friendly people, ancient temples, and natural beauty. Another reason why Thailand is such a great place to be is that you have all the advantages of a world class destination, without the costs. With a little bit of savoir faire, you could have a VIP experience even if you’re on a budget. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Thailand trip without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the Scrumptious Street Food

While Thailand has some of the best high-end restaurants in all of Asia, street food is really something else there. The produce they use is usually very fresh and local street vendors take great pride in their craft. If you can, try to pick stalls that are busy since the turnaround will usually be faster and the ingredients fresher.

Go for a Hostel

You can also go for a hostel instead of a hotel if you want to cut down on your costs. And you shouldn’t assume that you’ll get sub-par lodging just because you’re going to a hostel. There are many top-of-the-line luxury hostels around the country with beautiful living spaces, tons of amenities, and a great atmosphere. You can find a great Bangkok hostel private room that will allow you to enjoy 5-star comfort at a 2-star price. You could also go for a dormitory if you want to enjoy the authentic hostel experience.

Go to a Weekend Market

Weekend markets are also a great way to save on multiple items. You’ll be able to find items at a fraction of the price they usually cost at retail stores or from daily vendors, so it's the perfect time to stock up on the essentials. And don’t be afraid to bargain; not only is it encouraged there, it’s expected.

Speaking of bargaining, you should know that almost anything can be haggled down in Thailand. We’re talking about everything from tickets to special events, local activities like dancing or cooking classes, tours, you name it. Even the rent. So, make sure that you practice your bargaining skills before you go there and you’ll be able to get a better deal on everyday expenses.

Drink like a Local

Forget imported drinks while you’re there. Thailand has tons of great local spirits and beers that you can choose from. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300 on imported booze, so think twice. And if you can, try to buy your alcohol at convenience stores since it’s much cheaper there. Also, if you recycle your glass beer bottles, you can receive a small deposit refund!

As you can see, you can have a great time in Thailand even if you’re on a budget. Next time you’re in the country, make sure to consider these few options and you’ll be able to stretch your dollar even more and have a blast while you’re at it.

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