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How to go from Los Angeles airport to the city

Up to 7 airports are located in Los Angeles. Here's a tip: If you plan to take an internal flight, leaving or going to Los Angeles, look carefully at the airport code. LAX is the international airport of Los Angeles, but you can also see codes like LGB for Long Beach or SNA. Beware of the airport you are going to, since not all are equally well connected. If upon arrival you plan to pick up a rental car and there’s an office there, great, but if not, sometimes private transport becomes almost mandatory to reach some airports in this immense city. Throughout the post, we will talk about the LAX airport or the Los Angeles international, as it’s the busiest.

How to get from LAX Airport to our destination

There are several ways to get from LAX airport to Los Angeles downtown or some other nearby destination.

Taxi: Los Angeles Airport - city

If you leave from the airport, go to the taxi sign and there you can stand in line and board one. Remember that all the taxis of the airport are taxis authorized by the "City of the Department of Transportation", which ensures security and also once you get one, when you tell the destination, the driver would have to show you a paper with the most normal rates to the main destinations. If instead the vacation time in the area has finished and you have to go to the airport, the most advisable way is to call one of the taxi companies to come and pick you up. There are complicated points in the city to find empty taxis, so you can always secure the shot by calling! And if not, you can go to one of the nearby hotels or perhaps on your own and take a taxi there.

LAX Airport Bus

The bus company par excellence is LAX Flyaway and you can find it in the arrivals section of each terminal indicated with the symbol "FlyAway, Buses & Long Distance Vans" The Flyaway buses have a great frequency and they communicate several destinations of Los Angeles with the airport. There’s an exit every 30 minutes from 5 in the morning until midnight. There are several destinations in LA that can be reached by bus from the airport and vice versa.

METRO Los Angeles Airport

You cannot go directly by metro from the LAX airport to Downtown or vice versa. It is necessary that you first take a shuttle bus that will take you to the metro station and then the metro to your accommodation. The shuttle bus leaves every 15 minutes from each terminal to Aviation Station (green line). The trip lasts between 12 and 15 minutes. The bus is free, and you only have to pay for the metro ticket.

Rental car at the Los Angeles airport

Car hire in Los Angeles is a very comfortable option and extremely economic. If you’re traveling with family, the convenience it offers is truly priceless. In addition, several of the companies that rent cars are nearby. To get to where to pick up the car, many of the rental companies have shuttle buses from the terminal to the rental site and vice versa (for when you return the car), so it is always good to have it in mind. Of course, this bus is completely free.

And that's all! I hope this post about Los Angeles Airport is useful for your trip.

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