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How an Eco Entrepreneur Finds Success With a Swamp Tour


In remote areas of New Orleans Kayak, you can find a serene desert, often spared by man. Let's be honest, that's what everyone wants to see.

A number of different groups will take you deep into these remote areas of Louisiana and guide you through the swamps, bringing you closer to wildlife. Along the way, you will hear the stories of the swamps; learn about their stories and their mysteries. The best guides will tell you about the pirates who once visited these swamps and the big foot which, according to the rumour, would live in the most remote territories.

New Orleans Swamp Tour

Based on the Honey Island Swamp east of New Orleans, an eco entrepreneur travels with small boats to get you closer to wildlife. They promise an authentic, personal but safe visit to the marsh.

What eco entrepreneur offer for New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours

  • Eco entrepreneur offers a number of tours in and around New Orleans, including city tours, plantation tours in Louisiana, and swamps in southern Louisiana. They will take you to the Baratania Reserve in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and introduce you to the fauna and flora that live there.
  • Eco entrepreneur offers a personalized excursion through Honey Island Marsh, one of the least altered swamps in the country, and is a protected wildlife preserve of more than 70,000 acres.
  • Eco entrepreneur will take you on a swamp or hydrofoil excursion, depending on your choice, and will show you a Cajun look at the marshes of Southern Louisiana and what they contain.
  • Eco entrepreneur takes you with your family or friends to the Honey Island Swamp with a professional, Aboriginal and environmentally friendly guide to share the beauty and secrets of the Louisiana Pearl.
  • Eco entrepreneur offers you two choices: a high speed hydrofoil ride that will take you over marshes and secluded bays or a more relaxed ride, the Cajun Bayou Tour, which takes place on a pontoon and is commented by a guide

So if you want to enjoy New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours then it is must that you choose best eco entrepreneur for your trip. Because best choice of company make your trip more pleasurable.

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