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Reply to "Finishing college. Need help planning trip to U.K,"

Hi guys, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  It was good to be with my family again.  Visiting and catching up with everyone took longer than I'd thought, but did do a little research into the trip and came out with this plan.
Basically, with GarryRF's advice, I think I'll focus my time in the north to save money cause my budget is limited.  After that I'll finish my vacation in London and Paris.  I need to find places to stay but more important now just to frame the trip.  The details I figure can be filled in later.
TravelandNature, I'd rather keep my exact trip dates private as I registered here with my name and the last thing I need is some nut to track me down to a hotel in a city on a certain day.  I'm not paranoid about privacy, but think it better to be cautious.  My timeframe is off some from what I'd originally thought, but it should all work out okay.
That said, I have 29 days, arriving day 1, leaving day 29.  This is what I've come up with so far:
Day 1.  Fly into Manchester. 
Days 2 and 3.  Explore Manchester
Day 4.  Transit to York (probably train). 
Days 5-6.  Visit York.
Day 7.  Transit to Liverpool (probably train)
Days 8-15.  Visit Liverpool and surrounding sites
- Day trip to Chester
- Day trip to Conway Castle.
? Day trip to Snowdonia National Park.  Not sure how to best access it,  Advice anyone??
Day 16.  Fly to London Ryanair or take train.
Day 17-24.  London, with day trips to
- Stonehenge
- Bath
Day 25:  Travel to Paris.
Days 26-28.  Visit Paris
Day 29.  Return home.
I think this has the makings of the trip of a lifetime!  
At this point I appreciate your take on the outline of the trip.  I realize I can't see everything but this gives me the chance to explore a lot.