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Canada’s Top 4 Ideal Cities

Canada is one of the promising countries that offer great job opportunities, a decent lifestyle and comfortable living spaces. Expatriates and immigrants find it easy to blend into the Canadian culture for two main reasons; welcoming people and equal opportunities for all. When you think of Canada, what comes to mind is the great economic freedom, high-end civilization, and sober governance.

Below are the top four ideal cities to live in Canada.


Located east of southern Ontario, it’s without any doubt that this city ranks at the top of the list. Ottawa is the country’s capital and the real definition of beauty and elegance. It’s a vibrant and youthful city surrounded by exquisite neighborhoods. With four distinct seasons, the city enjoys a nice change of scenery throughout the year. Outdoor life is well-defined, you’ll find extensive parks, recreational centers, bike lanes, hiking trails, running paths, and walkways. The unemployment rate in the city falls under 5.4 percent with public sector employees making up 21 percent of the population. Everything here, from salaries, cost of living to the purchasing power is above average.


Markham city may not have the lavish features, high-end stores or pose the first-class economy, however, it makes to the list due to its strategic location, alluring job opportunities, and well-developed real estates. It’s only in this city that you’ll find luxury apartments with reasonable pricing. Condos in Markham are the most convenient option in the real estate market. This is because most Condos in the city comes with lavish amenities that boost the quality of life and comfort for residents with no extra cost. Condominium sales in Markham make up nearly 42 percent of the total property sales.

From as low as $264,999 to $2,264,990; you can find a modern condo unit with ready access to all the social amenities you can possibly think of. The ease of transportation, decent & affordable lifestyle, and diverse cultural setting are the other perks making Markham stand out from the neighboring cities.

St. Albert

Located 30 km away from Edmonton, St. Albert is home to nearly 66,000 people. When it comes to serenity and relaxed pace of life; this city is the best place to be. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates of 4.2 percent and attracts more Canadians and immigrants than any city on this list. It has a strong economy, high-paying jobs and low crime rates in the entire Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Homes and real estates in the area are well-designed and reasonably priced across the entire suburban neighborhoods. There are extensive amenities in and around the city; from top performing schools, recreational facilities, health centers, an abundance of outdoor rinks and ample green spaces.


This city is located in the Monteregie region of Quebec with 91 percent of the population being French speakers. Boucherville has all that takes to be on the list; thanks to the high household income, affordable housing, pleasant recreational facilities and low unemployment rate (2.8 percent). The city is a gateway to the greater outdoors featuring national parks, ancient monuments, wildlife reserves, diverse flora & fauna, and the unending beautiful scenery. Boucherville is also one of the oldest municipalities in Quebec and has some of the prehistoric architectural marvels you’ll rarely find anywhere else in the country.

Canada is so vast that it’s almost impossible to narrow down your settlement options to just one city. There are several other places in the country that offers great settlement opportunities, however, the four above are uniquely awesome and compatible with the various taste and preferences.

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